The World: More Than Meets The Eye



The world is not as it is presented to us; it is time people wake up and realize that.

We are not aware, for the most, part what is going on all around us. I watch “The Matrix” movies and see there a lot more truth in those movies than you think, for we are in a real life matrix. Many of us literally go through life in a walking slumber while the real world is happening all around them.


While we have been busy watching wrestling, reality television and eating big Macs, our nation and world and undergone a tragic facelift. We have had many of our freedoms go the way of the dinosaur and this has been justified in increasing “security” and fighting “terrorism.” However it is our government, rather rogue elements within our government that is responsible for the attacks in the first place. It is not pleasant to think about, but our nation has been involved in state sponsored terrorism for many, many years. You can choose not to believe this but it is all true. I submit to you Operation Northwoods. These now declassified documents (which are posted here on this blog) outline a plan submitted by then Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General L.L. Lemnitzer. This plan involved launching terror attacks against the United States in Miami and Washington, bombing buildings, hijacking planes and blowing them up, dressing “friendly” Cubans in military uniforms and have them start riots near the gate of the U.S. Naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, blowing up a U.S. ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame it on Cuba. A plane at Elgin AFB would be painted to look just like a civil plane belonging to a CIA front organization in the Miami area. At a predetermined time this plane would be substituted for the real civil aircraft, which would be loaded with selected people with carefully constructed aliases. The takeoff times of this plane and the actual aircraft would be scheduled to allow a rendezvous south of Florida. From this point the passenger-carrying plane will descend and go to an auxiliary field at Elgin AFB where the passengers would be evacuated and the aircraft returned to its original status. The drone will continue on the original flight plan. Once over the Cuba, the plane would send out a “May Day” message and would state it was under attack by Cuban MiG’s. The explosion of the plane by remote control would interrupt this transmission. This sick plan was hatched as a pretext as a reason to invade Cuba. The plan however was rejected, but it just shows the depths that these elements will go to achieve their agenda.


The proposed Northwoods plan as are the events of the Oklahoma City bombing, the first attack on the WTC in 1993, and the events of 9/11 are classic examples using what is known as Hegelian principle. Put simply they are problem, reaction, solution. There is a manufactured problem of some sort (terror attack, financial calamity, etc), the populous reacts with “what are you going to do, government, so this does not happen again?” and then the solution is provided by the very people who created the problem initially. Usually the “solution” is the furthering of some agenda (a war, extended governmental power, lessening of the rights of the people, etc.) that would not have been popular if not for the Hegelian event.





We have been told a fairy tale masquerading as the official story of September 11. The story that has been shown over and over again to the people of America and the world is simply not true. The evidence to this fact is overwhelming. To see it otherwise is simply ignoring the facts. Pancake or Compression collapses do not cause concrete, glass, and other materials to pulverize and they certainly bring buildings down at freefall speed. Jet fuel does not cause the rubble to burn for weeks after collapse or hot spots of nearly 2000°F. There have been fires in many steel framed buildings but never before or since 9/11 has a steel framed building collapsed because of fire. This is a fact. WTC Building 7 was not struck by aircraft but mysteriously collapsed at 5:20pm that day as well. There are accounts from firemen, WTC workers and others who tell of multiple explosions in the buildings before and after the plane strikes. Suspicious stock activities on American and United stock in the days before 9/11 resulted in millions of dollars in profit for those who appeared to have prior knowledge of what was to come. It would have been nice of them to share what they knew with the American people; perhaps 2,974 people would still be here with us. The crimes of 9/11 are not listed on the FBI’s Most Wanted poster of Osama Bin Laden and 7 of the 19 alleged hijackers are still alive. I didn’t even get into the connections between, Al-Qaeda and our intelligence agencies and the other events such as the anthrax mailings that occurred after the attacks.


September 11, 2001 in true Hegelian event fashion, allowed the very people who created the problem to arrive at the original self-serving desire. In this case it was the illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, the Patriot Act, which takes away, many of our civil liberties, the Department of Homeland Security, increased funding for the military industrial complex. The defense contractors (a few of them have close ties to the Bush administration) are reaping massive profits from these unjustified wars. We have constantly heard that the world changed after that day and those words are tragically true. We now are living in basically a police state. There is very little we can now do without the government’s consent or knowledge. There are now face scans and thumb scans to perform banking activities, buy food, and even enter amusement parks. We are now under constant surveillance and can be arrested and detained with out cause or explanation, all under the guise of “fighting terrorism” or “national security”. The government, particularly the Executive branch has greatly expanded its authority with numerous power-grabbing executive orders.


Our country, and the world, has changed drastically, by design, over the past few decades. The United States of America has become THE UNITED STATES. We have gone from sovereign individuals and nation to having our every move tracked and controlled by foreign interests like those that own the Federal Reserve (it is not a government agency, but a privately run for profit corporation). Our money is being devalued every day, because of the Fed, and now what was once the wealthiest nation on the planet is now the biggest debtor nation in the world.


The things that have been shared here are undoubtedly unpleasant to think about, however that does not diminish their truth any less; it is 100% documented. You can decide to not believe in gravity, but step off a cliff and despite your disbelief you will hit the ground. I can assure you it will be far more unpleasant not to think about this information and allow these things to continue to happen. This is not the time to stick our heads in the sand; it is the time for all people to learn the truth and stand against tyranny and control. Do your research and due diligence and learn the truth. Check into the information presented here for yourself and share it with others. Our nation, and our world can be taken back for the liberty minded people of the world!

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