Who Said You Had to Be Wrong to Be Sued?

By the time you read this sentence, a new lawsuit will have been filed. There are 2 lawsuits filed every minute. Go google “lawsuits” and you will come back with over 20 million results. In a recent poll of the top ten ways to get rich in America, the top two ways were winning the lottery followed by winning a lawsuit. About one in four will be sued this year. Despite having under 10% of the world’s population, 94% of all new lawsuits are filed in the United States. There was a time where you had to be wrong to be involved in a lawsuit; those days have come and gone. We now live in a society where burgulars sue homeowners and win, where people spill coffee on themselves and sues the restaurant for making the coffee too hot, where the family of a pediphile sues the show that exposed him. These are just a few examples of the countless frivolous litigations that bog down an already overtaxed legal system.

The fact that can be lost in all of this is if you are sued, whether the suit has merit or not, you have to defend yourself and that can cost you thousands of dollars to defend yourself. With legal fees higher than ever, and showing no signs of slowing down, a lawsuit can wipe the average person out financially. It is tragic to say that this happens to Americans everyday; it is happening even as you read this now. Unless we repair our broken legal system this will continue to be the case and it will not get any better. However, there is one company in North America that is making the legal system affordable for the average person.

Pre-Paid Legal Services,Inc. is a 36 year old company who is changing the way legal services are administered in North America. Through their “Life Events Legal Plan” , members have access to law firms throughout the United States and Canada to help them deal with any legal matter. Some of the benefits include unlimited phone consultation, letters written, contract review, receiving a Will, nationwide traffic ticket representation, lawsuit protection, help with IRS audits, and 24/7 emergency access to these law firms. The services are are offered to individuals as well as part of employee benefits packages for about $26 a month. This is a service that is is needed and valuable will become only more so in the future. If you wish to know more about these incredible services and talk to someone about protecting yourself and your family, please log on to www.prepaidlegal.com/go/bking62

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