What Happens When….?

When a workman starts a job at your home and then disappears , what do 
you do? When a company is treating you less than fairly, how do you 
handle it? A retail outlet refuses to take back a defective product, 
who do you call? You are buying a car,home it other major purchase and 
you are filling out the contracts. Do you REALLY know what you are 
really signing? These are just a few of the myriad of situations that 
people deal with on a daily basis. Most people do not realize that all 
the aformentioned scenarios have one thing in common; they are all 
legal situations or situations in which having access to an attorney 
would be of great benefit.

If these are all legal situations, why do not most people utilize 
attorneys in these and many other situation?I think there are several 
reasons. I will say we are not sure when we should use attorneys; I 
think we have been conditioned to only use attorneys when things are 
bad. People are also are acutely aware of the expense associated with 
accessing the legal system and that is the primary reason we do not 
use attorneys. With attorney fees, on average, rising above $200/
hour , we tend to check our checkbooks before we check our rights. The 
average person will not contact a $200/hr attorney over a fifty dollar 
issue; however, with over half of Americans dealing with a legal issue 
right now, there is no doubt there are millions of people who need to 
access the legal system. It is tragic that in what is supposed to be 
the wealthiest nation in the world, the vast majority of the people 
cannot afford to access one of the most basic and important areas of 
society and because of it they will allow themselves to be mistreated 
or just get angry or just pay it and move on.

It is not fair and it seems that someone should do something about 
that and help people. There are some people doing something about that 
and because I believe in what they are doing,I feel obligated to share 
it with everyone. Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.is a company that has 
priced the average North American back into the legal system . The 36 
year old company is based in Ada,Oklahoma and is traded on the NYSE 
under the symbol PPD. They offer a “Life Events Legal Plan” that helps 
people deal with the Legal situations that we all deal with on a daily 
basis. This is just a few of the many services they offer to their 
members: unlimited phone consultation, letters written and phone calls 
made, contracts reviewed, Will preparation and many other services are 
offered through their membership.
For as little as $17 per month a family or individuals can have access 
to these services, which are administered by top rated law firms 
across North America. In times such as these, these services are more needed than ever. Most people are simply not aware they exist. To find out more about Pre-Paid Legal, their membership, and how to get these servcies, log on to www.prepaidlegal.com/go/bking62.

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