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Rahm Emanuel Doesn’t Pay Taxes, Why Should You?

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Kurt Nimmo
February 25, 2009

Of course, if you don’t pay taxes to the government, chances are you will be arrested and thrown in the clinker. Not so in the case of Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s Chief of Staff.

featured-stories - Rahm Emanuel Doesnt Pay Taxes, So Why Should You?  
  Emanuel and other bureaucrats apparently don’t have the time or desire to fill out and file the sort of paperwork you and I take for granted.













Emanuel’s brazen tax evasion is nothing new, although the corporate media does not bother to cover it. However, as we close in on tax day, the story is worth revisiting.

Millionaire Rahm created a handy-dandy charity in order to avoid paying property taxes on his Chicago residence. “According to the Cook County Assessor’s website, the Chicago home of four-term Democrat Congressman and likely new White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, doesn’t exist. While the address of 4228 North Hermitage is listed as Emanuel’s residence on the Illinois State Board of Elections’ website, there seems to be no public record of Emanuel ever paying property taxes on this home,” Right Soup reported last November, shortly after the election.

It isn’t a real charity, though — or at least not a serious one. “The Rahm Emanuel and Amy Rule Charitable Trust was formed in 2002, when the Chicago lawmaker was first elected. The former Clinton White House aide and his wife, Amy Rule, are its only donors.”

Democrats are fond of this scam, as USA Today noted on January 7, 2007. “Rep. Rahm Emanuel made millions as an investment banker. Sen. Evan Bayh had leftover cash after two successful campaigns for Indiana governor. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, became wealthy investing in real estate and technology firms… Emanuel, Bayh and Nancy Pelosi are officers of the foundations that carry their names but failed to disclose the fact on their annual financial disclosure reports filed with Congress.”

Don’t try this at home unless you want heavily armed sheriffs to show up.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
  • efoods

“The Cook County Assessor’s and Cook County Treasurer’s online records indicate Emanuel’s Chicago neighbors pay between $3,500 and $7,000 annually,” explains the No Compromise When it Comes to Being Right! blog. “However, Illinois Review has been unable to locate any evidence that the former Clinton advisor and investment banker is paying his fair share of Cook County’s notoriously high tax burden.”

In addition to not paying property taxes in Illinois, Emanuel has a nifty deal in the district of criminals. “White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel’s Washington lodging arrangements, a rent-free basement room in a Capitol Hill home owned by Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn) and her pollster husband, have inspired debate among tax experts and in Republican-leaning parts of the blogosphere,” the Chicago Tribune reported recently. “One issue is whether Emanuel, who served in the House with DeLauro until early January, should have listed the room either as a gift or as income on his congressional financial disclosure forms. Emanuel’s disclosure filings contain no mention of his use of the room.”

Emanuel and other bureaucrats apparently don’t have the time or desire to fill out and file the sort of paperwork you and I take for granted — that is not unless you relish the idea of the IRS on your back.

Earlier this month, the media covered the “tax problems” of yet another Obama appointee, Labor Secretary-designate Hilda L. Solis. Solis followed Treasury Secretary Thomas F. Geithner, Services Secretary-designate Thomas A. Daschle and Nancy Killefer, Obama’s choice to be the first “performance chief officer,” all with similar “tax problems.”

Solis’ tax evasion, however, is no big deal for the Democrats — on Tuesday, the Democrat-dominated Senate voted to confirm Rep. Hilda Solis as labor secretary, despite her husband paying overdue state taxes only after she was nominated by Obama more than two months ago. “The Senate voted 80 to 17 to confirm Solis, drawing praise from her allies in organized labor and the Latino community. Her nomination was held up when it was learned that her husband, Sam Sayyad, had recently paid about $6,400 in back state taxes he owed from his auto repair business in California,” the New York Daily News reports.

Rahm Emanuel and Obama’s appointees are excused from paying taxes. Meanwhile, speaking from the rostrum in the rogue’s gallery that is the House chamber, Obama said last night that more money will be needed to fritter away on the so-called banker bailout, actually a banker giveaway. Obama said trillions more will have to be “set aside” for the bankers. In other words, your children and grandchildren will pay confiscatory taxes well into the future.

Don’t expect Rahm Emanuel, Nancy Pelosi, Tim Geithner, Evan Bayh, and other minions of the elite to pay their “fair share.”

After all, taxes are for the little people.

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Ron Paul: Greenspan, Bernanke Should Be Criminally Charged

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Ron Paul Grills Bernanke: “You Can’t Reinflate The Bubble”

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Congressman: Only way to solve financial crisis is to work, produce and save – not to create credit out of thin air

Ron Paul Grills Bernanke: You Cant Reinflate The Bubble 250209top

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Congressman Ron Paul again took the opportunity to lecture Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke on sound money principles at this morning’s House Financial Services Committee hearing, warning that the financial crisis cannot be solved by merely creating credit out of thin air.

Paul said that yesterday’s record consumer confidence slump was a reflection of monetary policy in Washington and that it was impossible to patch up a failed system.

“This is the end of an era,” said the Congressman, “we can’t reinflate the bubble….if we think that we can reinflate this bubble by artificially creating credit out of thin air and calling it capital, believe me we don’t have a prayer of solving these problems – we have a total misunderstanding of what credit is versus capital.”


Ron Paul Grills Bernanke: You Cant Reinflate The Bubble obamadecept_340x169

Paul stressed that capital could not be created out of thin air by the Federal Reserve. “We have to work hard, produce, live within our means and what is left over is called capital,” said Paul, dismissing the notion of recapitalizing markets by turning on the printing presses as a “total fallacy”.

The Texas Congressman said that central bankers were only failing forward in creating another new system doomed to crash by creating internationalized regulations and giving up on the dollar standard.

“We have to have a system that encourages people to work and to save – what are we doing now – we’re telling consumers to spend and continue the process – it won’t work,” concluded Paul.

Watch the clip.

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The Great American Recovery Plan

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The Troubled Assets Relief Program(TARP) the economic package that was supposed to fix the economy from destruction, fell flat on its face, that is if you were an average citizen as it did not help you. For the multi-national corporations, or mega banks that received TARP funds, the legislation was of great benefit to you. These companies received billions of dollars( in some cases the companies did not need or ask for) which was used to go on junkets, give executive bonuses, acquire other companies, and line their bank accounts all the while the American people , who the TARP funds were supposed to help, continued to lose their homes at an alarming rate.


The $787 billion “stimulus” package will be an overwhelming failure; it is another example of throwing money at a money problem and it is only going to exacerbate our financial predicament. The fear mongering and scare tactics used by the Bush and Obama administrations (as well threats of martial law to the House if they did not pass the unconstitutional bill by former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson) to get the TARP and this latest “stimulus” bill through Congress have distracted the people from the fact that at its best, it is only a temporary fix and it deals with only the symptoms rather than the cause and will leave us worse off than we were before the act passed. I will through this plan, deal with the causes and how we correct it. This tactic has also swindled the American people into thinking that something must be done right away of the sky will fall, when for a problem of this magnitude, careful, prudent planning would best serve us. The same thing was said of the TARP, and things have gotten much worse since its passing. The use of fear by then Sen. Obama, Sen. McCain, President Bush and others to try to rush this bill through and then to criticize those who were against the bill or wanted to take a slower approach in terms of reviewing the legislation ( they were only given a few hours to read the 451 page bill) were absolutely reprehensible. You should always be weary of anything or anyone that wants to make a major decision hastily because often times there is an agenda to take advantage of you, as was the case with the TARP and this latest “stimulus” package. The push that something must be done not today but yesterday fooled many people into thinking that was the correct course of action




Here are a few things that is implemented will truly (unlike the”stimulus”package) lift America, and the world, out of the quandary it is in. It is all very doable and unlike the TARP, it will not line the pockets of multi-national corporations and international bankers. I call it the Great American Recovery Plan.





  1. The abolition of the Federal Reserve System.  This quasi-private, run for profit corporation actually loans the money for this nation to the government at interest. Since its insidious implementation in 1913, the national and personal debt have seen a steady increase, our money is devaluing by the day, we now have an income tax, and the standard of living for the average American has decreased. Just as the international bankers and robber barons who own the Fed caused the Panic of 1907, the Depressions of 1921 and 1929 and every recession this nation has experienced. The current economic storm we are in has been engineered by the same group. The TARP and the “stimulus” package are two more steps in the funeral march of the U.S. Dollar. The great thing that there is already the legislation right now to abolish this evil entity. The plan calls for the passing of Rep. Ron Paul’s (R-TX) HR2755, The Federal Reserve Abolition Act and the enacting of Executive Order 11110 which restores us to constitutional money. Here is why we must do this:


           A.  It takes away the monopoly that the Federal Reserve and the

                 international bankers and returns that power to the people and

                 the Treasury. This will free the Republic from the yoke of debt 

                 that it has languished under by having to borrow money from

                 the private Fed and pay it back with interest, which is what the 

                 income tax goes toward.


B.      By having a money that is backed by a real asset such as silver or gold, the amount that can be printed is limited. This puts a halt to the printing of money out of thin air that the Federal Reserve and other central banks have been doing. Having sound money also protects the value of the currency and would stop the ever-rising inflation. This is why prices seem to rise but in reality it is inflation and that inflation is eroding the buying power of our currency because there is too much money in circulation. Returning that lost buying power back to the people will raise the standard of living in this nation.


C.      The size of government would also be limited. With its access to unlimited cut off with the abolition of the Federal Reserve System, and now having sound money, there is a limit to the size that government can grow to. Government can return to the limited entity that it was always intended and not the overgrown albatross it has morphed into with its tentacles reaching ever more into our daily lives. This would return rightful power to the people through the local and state governments. In addition a sound money puts a real limit on government spending and would force government to operate on a clear budget and that could foster more efficiency from the government. We have not had a balanced budget since our removal from the gold standard in 1971.



     2.The repealing of the North American Free Trade Agreement     (NAFTA).  This agreement, which was entered into in 1994 by the United States, Canada, and Mexico, was allegedly to remove the trade barriers between the three nations, however this so called “free trade” agreement has eviscerated America’s manufacturing sector. Those jobs moved beyond our borders in favor or cheaper foreign labor. Companies were even given tax incentives to move jobs out of this nation. By ending this asinine arrangement we can rebuild our manufacturing sector and become a producing nation once  again. If we are producing things then people are working and economy would be much healthier.



  3.  The withdrawal of The United States from the United Nations. 

       This evil organization was set up in 1945 after WW II as another 

       attemmpt at a world governing body after the failed League of Nations. 

       The United States does not need to be in the UN to secure its national 

       sovereignty and under the Great American Recovery Plan the nation 

       would immediately leave this organization, which has been involved in

       secret wars and population reduction studies just to name a few items of

       its long dirty laundry list.


These things can save our country if they were implemented. I invite all freedom minded people who are reading this to take it and build upon this information. Take it to your congressional officials and let them know this is true way to really save our money, not giving more money to foreign banks and multi-national corporations. Time is growing short; if we are to act, this is the time. We cannot sit around and wait or hope for someone else to do it. Freedom is not free; the price of it is eternal vigilance.

Identity theft rising in Columbia

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Monday, February 23, 2009 | 6:04 p.m. CST

COLUMBIA — Last year’s increase in larceny in Columbia may be because in small part of a rise in identity theft.

Larceny increased 33.2 percent from 2007 to 2008, according to statistics released recently by the Columbia Police Department.

Identity theft and larceny are now similarly defined under Missouri’s revised Stealing Statute. The change allows for a person to be arrested or prosecuted for possessing or attempting to use fraudulent identification for identity theft.

Identity thieves use several methods to steal someone’s identity, but the most common way is by stealing documents from an acquaintance.  

“Typically in these cases, the victims and the defendants know each other,” said Crime Prevention Officer Jessie Haden of the Columbia Police Department.  Haden lists the home as the No. 1 place that identity theft occurs.

That was the case with 34-year-old Kathryn Jones.

In early February, Jones discovered that a woman she considered her best friend had stolen $1,000 from Jones’ account.

The friend, who had been in Jones’ home, stole checks in random order from Jones’ checkbook so Jones wouldn’t notice right away that they were missing. She then forged Jones’ signature on the checks at local stores such as Gerbes and Kroger. She used the checks from mid-November until Jones discovered the transactions after receiving her bank statement in February.

“She basically had a good Thanksgiving and a good Christmas off of me,” Jones said.

The violation of trust hit Jones hard. “I was crying the whole time because I trusted her,” Jones said. “I never thought she would do this to me.”

Jones is reluctantly pressing charges against her former “best friend.”

In cases like these, one person’s expectations about other people’s moral parameters come into play, Haden said. Imagining the worst can be a form of self-defense: “Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and then remove your conscience,” she said.

Access plays an important role in thieves’ success: “People are not as cautious as they should be. Where I see that most is with physical documents,” Haden said.  

That’s especially true among people ages 18 to 39, who seem especially vulnerable to the myths about identity theft:

  • it’s a stranger-on-stranger crime
  • being computer-savvy gives a person protection
  • perpetrators mainly target older people

Outside of the home or businesses, a common target for identity thieves are vehicles, where people often leave documents.

Haden recalled a case where a thief stole a debit card from a vehicle and used it immediately to buy gas. The thief then invited friends to fill up for free at the victim’s expense.

“It basically boils down to things you can do to protect yourself, and that starts at home,” said Sgt. Lloyd Simons of the department’s Community Services Unit.  

The unit provides detailed information about identity theft and fraud prevention tips.

But Jones offers one of her own: “The moral of the story … don’t trust anybody, not even your friends.”


I wish Ms. Jones had known about the information contained on these two websites, and It would have saved her a lot of trouble. I know from personal experience


Starbucks sued after laptop data breach

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 By Robert McMillan , IDG News Service , 02/23/2009

Chicago-area Starbucks employee has brought a class-action lawsuit against the coffee retailer, claiming damages from an October 2008 data breach.

Laura Krottner was one of 97,000 employees notified late last year after a Starbucks laptop containing employee names, addresses and Social Security numbers was stolen on Oct. 29. Krottner’s suit accuses the company of fraud and negligence.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in federal court in Seattle. Starbucks has offered employees one-year’s free credit monitoring and protection, but Krottner is asking the court to extend that to five years. She is also seeking unspecified damages and asking that Starbucks be ordered to submit to periodic security audits of its computer systems.

“Starbucks failed to follow reasonable precautions to secure its employees’ [personally identifiable information], failed to provide timely notice, and failed to protect employees from invasion of privacy, fraud, identity theft, and associated expenses,” court filings state, adding that Krottner and the other employees must now spend “considerable time and money to protect themselves,” from identity theft.

The company was unable to immediately comment on the lawsuit, but it said it has seen no fraud linked to the incident, according to its breach notification letter.

Lately, however, chatter on some Starbucks message boards shows that there have been some ID theft victims as a result of the incident, the lawsuit states.

News of the lawsuit was first reported Saturday on the Spam Notes blog written by Venkat Balasubramani, the principal with Balasubramani Law.

The suit is the latest of several in which plaintiffs are trying to prove that data breaches are harmful, even if they do not result in identity theft, Balasubramani said in an interview Monday. Courts in Arkansas and Indiana have rejected similar claims in recent years, he noted.

The plaintiffs in the Starbucks case, who are seeking a jury trial, may have better luck, however. “Washington could be different,” he said. “I think Washington is viewed as a privacy friendly state.”

Late last month the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs reached a US$20 million settlement with plaintiffs in a class-action suit seeking damages following the 2006 theft of a laptop and hard drive containing data on 26.5 million veterans. According to reports, veterans who can show harm related to the theft will be paid between $75 and $1,500.

Starbucks has lost laptops before. In November 2006, the company reported that it had lost two laptops containing the Social Security numbers of nearly 60,000 current and former employees.


Another case of a company, losing the information of others and placing them in the pathway of potential identity theft. If you have worked for starbucks, or know someone that has or want to learn more about Identity theft, please log on to or

Pennsylvania rocked by ‘jailing kids for cash’ scandal

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By Stephanie Chen

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(CNN) — At a friend’s sleepover more than a year ago, 14-year-old Phillip Swartley pocketed change from unlocked vehicles in the neighborhood to buy chips and soft drinks. The cops caught him.

Former Luzerne county President Judge Mark Ciavarella pleaded guilty, faces prison and was disbarred.

Former Luzerne county President Judge Mark Ciavarella pleaded guilty, faces prison and was disbarred.

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There was no need for an attorney, said Phillip’s mother, Amy Swartley, who thought at most, the judge would slap her son with a fine or community service.

But she was shocked to find her eighth-grader handcuffed and shackled in the courtroom and sentenced to a youth detention center. Then, he was shipped to a boarding school for troubled teens for nine months.

“Yes, my son made a mistake, but I didn’t think he was going to be taken away from me,” said Swartley, a 41-year-old single mother raising two boys in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

CNN does not usually identify minors accused of crimes. But Swartley and others agreed to be named to bring public attention to the issue.

As scandals from Wall Street to Washington roil the public trust, the justice system in Luzerne County, in the heart of Pennsylvania’s struggling coal country, has also fallen prey to corruption. The county has been rocked by a kickback scandal involving two elected judges who essentially jailed kids for cash. Many of the children had appeared before judges without a lawyer. Video Watch the corruption scandal that is rocking Pennsylvania »

The nonprofit Juvenile Law Center in Philadelphia said Phillip is one of at least 5,000 children over the past five years who appeared before former Luzerne County President Judge Mark Ciavarella.

Ciavarella pleaded guilty earlier this month to federal criminal charges of fraud and other tax charges, according to the U.S. attorney’s office. Former Luzerne County Senior Judge Michael Conahan also pleaded guilty to the same charges. The two secretly received more than $2.6 million, prosecutors said.

The judges have been disbarred and have resigned from their elected positions. They agreed to serve 87 months in prison under their plea deals. Ciavarella and Conahan did not return calls, and their attorneys told CNN that they have no comment.

Ciavarella, 58, along with Conahan, 56, corruptly and fraudulently “created the potential for an increased number of juvenile offenders to be sent to juvenile detention facilities,” federal court documents alleged. Children would be placed in private detention centers, under contract with the court, to increase the head count. In exchange, the two judges would receive kickbacks.

The Juvenile Law Center said it plans to file a class-action lawsuit this week representing what they say are victims of corruption. Juvenile Law Center attorneys cite a few examples of harsh penalties Judge Ciavarella meted out for relatively petty offenses:


  • Ciavarvella sent 15-year-old Hillary Transue to a wilderness camp for mocking an assistant principal on a MySpace page.  
  • He whisked 13-year-old Shane Bly, who was accused of trespassing in a vacant building, from his parents and confined him in a boot camp for two weekends.  
  • He sentenced Kurt Kruger, 17, to detention and five months of boot camp for helping a friend steal DVDs from Wal-Mart. Several other lawsuits on behalf of the juveniles who have appeared in Ciavarella’s courtroom have emerged.

    The private juvenile detention centers, owned by Mid Atlantic Youth Services Corp., are still operating and are not a target of the federal investigation, according court documents. The company cooperated in the investigation, the documents said.

    A spokesman from the company denied that its current owner, Gregory Zappala, knew about the kickbacks.

    Ciavarella assured the community that he could provide justice. Elected to the bench in 1996, he once ran for judge on the promise that he would punish “people who break the law,” according to local reports.

    The corruption began in 2002, when Conahan shut down the state juvenile detention center and used money from the Luzerne County budget to fund a multimillion-dollar lease for the private facilities. Despite some raised eyebrows from the community, county commissioners approved the deal.

    The federal government began investigating in 2006.

    “It’s been a dark cloud hanging over the county for a very, very long time,” said Luzerne County Commissioner Maryanne C. Petrilla, whose office approved the judges’ budgets during the corruption. “I’m looking forward to the ship turning around now and us moving in the right direction.”

    The kickback scandal highlights a major problem in the juvenile justice system in Luzerne County and across the country, attorneys say. They say hundreds of children who appeared before Ciavarella didn’t have lawyers.

    “Kids think very much in the present, and they have limited abilities to understand long-term consequences,” said Robin Dahlberg, an attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union in New York who specializes in juvenile issues.

    Dahlberg’s recent study in Ohio revealed that some of the counties had as many as 90 percent of children going through the court system without a lawyer.

    “This Pennsylvania case is a sad reminder of why kids need an attorney,” she said.

    A 1967 Supreme Court ruling says children have a right to counsel. However, many states allow children and their parents to appear without an attorney by completing a waiver.

    Pennsylvania is among about half of the states in the country that allow waivers to be signed for juveniles to appear before a judge without an attorney, legal experts say.

    In Luzerne County, teens who waived counsel were at greater risk of being sent to placement center than those with representation.

    About 50 percent of the children who waived counsel before Ciavarella were sent to some kind of placement, the Philadelphia-based Juvenile Law Center reports. In comparison, the Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission in Pennsylvania found that 8.4 percent of juveniles across the state wind up in placement.

    “When you have this many kids waiving counsel, then that’s way out of line,” said Marsha Levick, an attorney at the Juvenile Law Center. “There was no record [Ciavarella] was assuring the child and parent about the consequences of not having representation.”

    Minors charged with nonviolent crimes were often given harsher sentences than what probation officers recommended, court documents say. Other investigators say the trials lasted a few minutes at most.

    All four of the teens cited in this story say they appeared before Ciavarella without lawyers.

    “I was sort of shocked and taken aback,” Hillary Transue, the MySpace offender who is now 17, said of her experience in Ciavarella’s courtroom in April 2007. “I didn’t really understand what was going on.”

    The Juvenile Law Center says it first red-flagged Ciavarella in 1999 after discovering that a 13-year-old boy was detained without being read his rights and had appeared in court without a lawyer. When the case became public, Ciavarella promised the public that every minor in his courtroom would have a lawyer.

    Judges must verbally explain the consequences of appearing in court without counsel to minors and parents, lawyers say. Juvenile Law Center officials say Ciavarella neglected to do so in many cases.

    Yet in the past five years, attorneys, law enforcement officials and other judges did not report Ciavarella’s behavior to the Judicial Conduct Board of Pennsylvania, says Joseph A. Massa Jr., chief counsel at the board.

    Privatizing detention facilities is a growing in popularity among governments because the companies say they offer lower rates than the state.

    Pennsylvania has the second highest number of private facilities after Florida, accounting for about 11 percent of the private facilities in the United States, according to the National Center for Juvenile Justice in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    Critics say private prisons lack transparency because they don’t go through the same inspections and audits as a state facility, and this may have allowed payoffs to go so long without being noticed.

    “Once somebody is going to make more money by holding more kids, there is a pretty good predictable profit motive,” said criminal justice consultant Judith Greene, who heads a nonprofit group called Justice Strategies. “It’s predictable that companies are going to tolerate certain behaviors they shouldn’t.”

    An audit draft obtained by the Philadelphia Inquirer showed that Luzerne County was spending more than $1.2 million in expenses that weren’t allowed under state regulations. The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, the agency overseeing the audits, says the audit drafts are not final.

    The audits also allege that two people paid the judges. Attorneys for former Mid-Atlantic owner Robert Powell say that their client is one of those people but that he was pressured by the judges to make payments. The attorneys say Powell never offered to pay the judges, never sought to influence any juvenile case and is now cooperating with the investigation. Zappala and Powell were partners until Zappala bought out Powell in 2008.

    Senior Judge Arthur E. Grim of Berks County is reviewing the cases for minors who appeared before Ciavarella. Court officials say some children may have their records expunged or be granted new hearings.

    The Philadelphia Bar Association has expressed outrage, assuring the public that the rest of the judges on the state’s bench are “composed of highly qualified, honorable and honest people, who take their responsibilities to the public very seriously.”

    But some of the children — many who, like Phillip Swartley, are now young adults — have become jaded and believe that their cases were tainted in Ciavarella’s courtroom.


    After being sent to boarding school, Phillip, now 15, became withdrawn and depressed, his mother says.

    “What do these kids see of the legal system and of authority figures?” Amy Swartley asked. “These kids see people who abuse their power. Now, we have a whole county and generation of children who have lost trust in the system.”

  • Iowa National Guard Rolls Back Arcadia Invasion

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    Kurt Nimmo
    February 21, 2009

    According to Drew Zahn, writing for WorldNetDaily, the Iowa National Guard has “scaled back” its “training exercise” planned for April in Arcadia, Iowa, population 443.

    Military spokesman Lt. Col. Greg Hapgood, told Zahn and WND that the operation has now been “scaled back” and no longer involves an “invasion” of Arcadia. “And while Hapgood confirmed the Guard had been inundated with objections from citizens concerned about soldiers patrolling the streets of an American town, he said most came from people out of state and unfamiliar with the operation. Iowans, he explained, typically cooperate with the Guard. The change in plans was based on troop evaluation, he said, not public outcry.”

    • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    • efoods

    On Friday, Alex Jones dedicated a large portion of his radio show to talking about the National Guard invasion of the small Iowa town. An undetermined number of listeners responded by contacting officials, including the National Guard, demanding the “exercise” be called off. Callers to the show indicated they would go to Arcadia in April and protest against the four-day urban military operation, described by the National Guard as a mock scenario designed to give soldiers the skills needed for deployment in an urban environment. Part of the invasion included searching houses. Alex Jones also announced he planned to travel to Arcadia and protest the operation.

    “Higher headquarters leadership,” Hapgood told WND, “given the unit’s status of training proficiency, made a decision to scale back the exercise.”

    It is fair to say Alex Jones and his audience are responsible in large part for the “scaled back” plans. In predictable fashion, the corporate media ignored the story and instead concentrated on frivolous topics such as octoplet mother Nadya Suleman and a supposed racist cartoon published in the New York Post.



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    6. Indiana National Guard Take Control of City Jail
    7. Ohio National Guard to Conduct Homeland Defense/Homeland Security Exercise
    8. National Guard Rents 500-Plus Hotel Rooms For Democratic Convention
    9. Government Orders Iowa Residents to Abandon Homes
    10. Illinois Gov. May Send National Guard into Chicago to Fight Crime
    11. National Guard Soldiers to Usher in New Year at Times Square
    12. Gates Memo Announces Final Assimilation of National Guard and Reserve

    Loose Change: Final Cut

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    This is one of the most impactful 9/11 truth documentaries that tears the official fairy tale to shreds. A must see for anyone who wants to know the truth about 9/11. Pass this one to everyone you know!

    Infowars Resource Page: States’ Rights and Sovereignty

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    In response to increasing federal encroachment, a growing number of states have passed and proposed resolutions to assert the Tenth Amendment and the Bill of Rights of the Constitution.

    This map shows a growing number of states that have passed and propose resolutions to assert the Tenth Amendment and the Bill of Rights of the Constitution.  











    The Tenth Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights and was ratified on December 15, 1791. It states the Constitution’s principle of Federalism by providing that powers not granted to the national government nor prohibited to the states are reserved to the states and to the people. It is based on an earlier provision of the Articles of Confederation: “Each state retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence, and every power, jurisdiction, and right, which is not by this Confederation expressly delegated to the United States, in Congress assembled.”

    On this resource page, you will find links to the various bills and proposed bills by the states, articles covering this important topic, and related videos.

    Washington, New Hampshire, Arizona, Montana, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, California, and Georgia have all introduced bills and resolutions declaring sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment. Colorado, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Alaska, Kansas, Alabama, Nevada, Maine, and Illinois are considering such measures.

    States’ Rights and Sovereignity: Bills Passed and Proposed

    For details on the particular bills and resolutions introduced by the above states, check out the following:


    New Hampshire








    Increasing Number of States Declaring Sovereignty
    Oklahoma House defends its sovereignty from D.C. intrusion
    21 States Claiming Sovereignty
    Our 10th Amendment Sovereignty Resolve, Will Defeat the New World
    States Rights, 10th Amendment & Secessionist Movement 2009
    New Hampshire and Washington legislators reaffirm states’ rights UPDATE: 8 more states
    States take the tenth
    State Sovereignty Movement Quietly Growing
    Federalism and the 10th Amendment
    Oklahoma declares Sovereignty!
    States Rights Movement vs Federal Government


    Alex Jones talks to Dan Itse
    Part 1
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    Alex Jones on Coast to Coast February 11, 2009: state sovereignty

    Alex Jones interviews Matt Shae: Washington State claims sovereignty
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    Glenn Beck, Dan Itse Interview

    Rep. Charles Key (Oklahoma) on Alex Jones
    Part 1
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    States Fight Back: Rep. Cynthia Davis (Missouri) on Alex Jones
    Part 1
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    State Sovereignty