Success Is An Ongoing Journey

In my short time on planet earth, I have noticed a troubling shift in society. People want things not now, but RIGHT now! Patience, it seems, has gone the way of the dinosaur. Society has lost its way. We have forgotten the natural way of things. Previous generations understood that there was a process to all things. There is a time to plant seeds, you cultivate those seeds and then there is gonna come a time for harvest. We want to circumvent to the cultivation and go straight to the harvest, not realizing that the in cultivation is the most important time of the process for that is where the knowledge is gained and the growth occurs.

This instant, right now mentality is sprinkled all over our society from health to business to spirituality and all points in between. Think of all the commercials that are on television advertising diet products things promising weight loss in health in only a few minutes a week; or advertisements promising to make you rich in a few days with no effort at all. The examples are endless, and I think this shift in mentality is partially our fault. As advances in technology has made lives better and easier, we have forgotten the steps to attainment.

We must get away from the push button, instant everything that permeates our society. The expectations of people about things are skewed right now. It is up to us as a society to reinstill that principle of patience

One Response to “Success Is An Ongoing Journey”

  1. Emoxeks Says:

    ehh… luv it..

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