Hidden Spy Camera & Mic Found Inside Digital TV Box

Reason for forced digital switchover in US and UK: Government and industry watching us to build profiles, launch invasive advertising

Hidden Spy Camera & Mic Found Inside Digital TV Box 180209top

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A popular video circulating on You Tube shows the discovery of a spy camera and a microphone hidden inside a digital TV converter box. Such devices are part of a government and industry surveillance program that is undoubtedly connected to the forced digital TV switchover being rolled out in the UK and US.

“I could not believe my eyes,” states the blurb accompanying the video clip, “I have a friend who is kind of a conspiracy theorist. He was trying to convince me that many of the digital TV convert boxes that are coming out have microphones and cameras built into them. Knowing a bit about electronics I bought one of these devices opened it up fully intending on proving him wrong. To my surprise he was right. This device has both a miniature camera lens and what looks like a microphone. I was so shocked I took pictures and video. Please send this out to everyone you know who is using one of these devices.”

The camera and microphone were hidden inside a MAGNAVOX TB110MW9 Digital to Analog Converter box. We are not suggesting that every digital cable box has a spy camera and microphone inside, so ripping open your cable box is not a good way to prove this one way or another – but the fact remains that companies like Google and Comcast have openly announced that they plan to use hidden cameras and microphones inside their products to spy on consumers.

Watch the clip below.

The need to mandate a mass roll out of such hidden surveillance devices is undoubtedly one of the reasons that governments in both the UK and the US, as well as eventually the entire planet, are overseeing a forced switchover to digital TV and killing traditional analogue broadcasts. The vast majority of TV’s require a digital decoder box to receive digital TV transmissions.

By installing covert spy devices and hidden microphones inside our all but mandatory digital boxes, the government and whatever corporate entities get a slice of the pie, have direct access to our living rooms. This is the ultimate Big Brother scenario whereby the majority of Americans and Europeans will have Orwellian telescreens watching their every move.

Many will dismiss such claims as conspiracy fodder, but the fact is that Americans have been spied on for decades, previously under the Echelon program and more recently as part of the Bush administration’s warrantless wiretapping program.

As former National Security Agency analyst Russell Tice recently revealed, “The National Security Agency had access to all Americans’ communications — faxes, phone calls, and their computer communications,” Tice claimed. “It didn’t matter whether you were in Kansas, in the middle of the country, and you never made foreign communications at all. They monitored all communications.”


Hidden Spy Camera & Mic Found Inside Digital TV Box obamadecept_340x169

As we highlighted three years ago,  private industry and eventually government is planning to use microphones in the computers of an estimated 150 million-plus Internet active Americans, as well as similar devices installed inside digital TV boxes, to spy on their lifestyle choices and build psychological profiles which will be used for surveillance and minority report style invasive advertising and data mining.

Digital cable TV boxes, such as Scientific Atlanta, have had secret in-built microphones inside them since their inception in the late 1990’s and these originally dormant devices were planned to be activated when the invasive advertising revolution was being rolled out, a watershed that is quickly becoming a reality.

The advent of digital video recording devices such as TiVo (Sky Plus in the UK) introduced the creation of psychological algorithm profiles – databases on what programs you watched, how long you watched them for, and which adverts you liked or didn’t like. This information was retained by TiVo and sold to the highest bidders – an example being Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction during the 2003 Super Bowl half-time show; TiVo were able to compile lists of how many people had rewound the clip and how many times they had replayed it.

In 2006, Google announced that they would use in-built computer microphones to listen in on user’s background noise, be it television, music or radio – and then direct advertising at them based on their preferences.

In March last year, Comcast announced that they were “experimenting with different camera technologies built into devices so it can know who’s in your living room.”

The cameras would use body-form recognition to confirm who was in the room and then tailor program recommendations, as well as commercials, to target that member of the family.

The video below covers the issue of secret cameras installed inside digital TV boxes and their relation to the forced digital switchover. A further video explores other motives behind the digital switchover.

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2 Responses to “Hidden Spy Camera & Mic Found Inside Digital TV Box”

  1. Nice level of information here. There is so much information around about this matter that sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees but you have pitched this at just the right level so that the lay person can comprehend – thank you!

  2. If someone is watching or listening to me now, that means you “Security state flunkies”, traitors, peeping Tom reject perverts…….Fu_k you ass wads ….One of your spy looser buddies can film me kicking your ass and then listen as I put a bullet in your head, that is if you ever have the balls too come over to my house (which is unlikely because you aren’t very good mano a mano, right?)…..What a bunch of pathetic govt losers, what would your mom say? You probably spy on your own mom when shes in the shower ( while your wacking off )…………….I am stunned at the mentality that would actually earn a paycheck doing this type of work against fellow Americans……..Losers, I’ll bet you feel real good about yourselves? Repent or perish

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