The”lesser” of two evils

Elections are interesting times. I am still fairly young so my electoral experience and recollection is somewhat limited but since I have been aware and become active in the electoral process, this particular election season has been of particular interest to me but not for the reasons that most people would think. I am not voting for or supporting the two major candidates  for president because I do not feel that they are truly acting in the best interests of the United States or its people but that is not the point of this message. I have spoken with many people and debated the various issues not form the perspective of either of the two major political parties, but as an American and I have found a theme that I find rather disturbing. Many of the people I speak with have uttered this phrase or something very similar: I’m voting for the lesser of two evils” and that in and of itself is a major problem. It seems to me that people know at some deep inherent level that something is not quite right with our political process and the people that are thrusts in front of us every four years but they go along with it because they do not know what to do or as I have heard people say, ” well I am only one person” . It is clear that people have been conditioned and brainwashed into believing they are powerless when in fact they have the power.  It is time that we as a nation realized that. Most of us are aware that something is not quite right, but most people never act on that belief. People have now been conditoned to think that anyone who thinks outside of the norm in terms of how our government and the world works are crazy or anti-government. We are now a generation of people who are more concerned with what time our favorite television show starts than with protecting our rights. The transformation of our nation and its people is really troubling to me. People , it is time to stand up and take our true place in this nation! The government is the servant of the people, not the other way around. Instead of “going along to get along” and throw away your vote by casting it for”the lesser of two evils” , realize that there are other viable, qualified candidates running for office that you do not hear about because the corporate controlled media does not want you to, and most of us are too lazy to find out for ourselves. This is our nation and we need to get back to the things that made it great!

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