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Dr.Umar Abdullah Johnson The Great Debate “Garvey vs DuBois”

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Barack Obama, Barry Soetoro

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June 4, 2010

Don’t be fooled by the slick charismatic puppet that can charm the back legs off a donkey, Obama is not who he claims to be, watch this video and the picture will become more clear. For those of you who voted for the pimp, do not blame yourself, you can make real change from here on out.

‘Papers please’ for reporter at Texas capitol shooting investigation

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“Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” – Benjamin Franklin

Aaron Dykes
January 22, 2010

Like other reporters in the Austin-area, the Infowars team was immediately sent to the Texas Capitol building on news that a man, identified as Fausto Cardenas, had started shooting for no apparent reason.

There wasn’t much else to discover once we got there. The suspect had apparently harmed no one and State Troopers were quietly combing over the South steps with their investigation. Apart from reports about an angry visit to State Senator Dan Patrick’s office, there was no indication of a possible motive for the bizarre incident. Spokeswoman Tela Mange was polite but offered very little info.

I had catalogued all the activity going on behind the roped-off area and wandered around the other side of the Capitol to film another grouping of troopers who were combing the grounds with a (presumably bomb-sniffing) dog. When a trooper noticed me filming their quiet investigation, everything suddenly changed.

Though the building itself was closed, the Capitol grounds remained open, and people were milling about freely. Only the area immediately surrounding the South steps was restricted by yellow tape. This was not that area.

Yet this officer approached me sternly, pointing his finger and commanding that I ‘point the camera somewhere else’ and provide ID. I refused.

For those who have forgotten, in the haze of post-9/11 paranoia, America is not a ‘papers please’ dictatorship or a corrupt banana republic, even if certain forces are attempting to drag us in that direction.

Outside the Capitol, ostensibly a monument to free society, there was no reason to impose ’security’ in the face of natural public order. There was no panicked atmosphere; the shooting was clearly over. Media personnel, news cameras and other spectators were waiting around calmly.

So why did this officer feel the need to rush up and demand I justify myself? Were I suspected of a crime as benign as speeding such action might have been warranted, but I had literally done nothing but look in the wrong direction and catch the eye of the wrong person.

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His name is known, but not important in this instance. He ceased being an officer, abandoning due process for arbitrary power. That is against the law– the spirit of the law– and thus I felt compelled not to go along with it. He asked if I had ID and I told him truthfully that I did, but did not feel I should give it.

He told me not to move as he called over his superior officer. I asked if I was being detained. “Yes,” he answered clearly. I was now considered a supsicious person for not producing my driver’s license on demand for no reason.

After a few minutes of impatient waiting, the superior officer asked a few questions, discovered I had done nothing at all and let me go without further ado. And yet, something had happened at the Capitol.

There, as elsewhere, with every capricious event, came a clumsy hardening of the system. Everytime an unpredictable person surprises us with a crime or even “act of terror” in an otherwise ordinary place, we act not with order and resolve– showing the strength of good laws. We instead react with panic and fear, as we begin regarding everyone with suspicion.

The result is a loss of our principles, and a compromising of good laws with ‘emergency power’ to meet a crisis. Not pursuit of a crime in progress, but a publicly-trusted and oath-sworn officer frightfully uncertain if he is looking out at his fellow-citizens or a sea of potential criminals and potential ‘terrorists.’

In our fear, we capitulate to the purveyors of chaos and lawlessness. Have we truly, fundamentally reached a point where we are so ‘terrorized’ that we really do throw out the baby with the bathwater? The wisdom and protection of the Constitution is our most precious public holding. Would we really violate it for such small urgings?

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Twitter joke led to Terror Act arrest and airport life ban

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Mark Hughes and Jason Walsh
The Independent
January 20, 2010

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When heavy snowfall threatened to scupper Paul Chambers’s travel plans, he decided to vent his frustrations on Twitter by tapping out a comment to amuse his friends. “Robin Hood airport is closed,” he wrote. “You’ve got a week and a bit to get your shit together, otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high!!”

Unfortunately for Mr Chambers, the police didn’t see the funny side. A week after posting the message on the social networking site, he was arrested under the Terrorism Act and questioned for almost seven hours by detectives who interpreted his post as a security threat. After he was released on bail, he was suspended from work pending an internal investigation, and has, he says, been banned from the Doncaster airport for life. “I would never have thought, in a thousand years, that any of this would have happened because of a Twitter post,” said Mr Chambers, 26. “I’m the most mild-mannered guy you could imagine.”

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Totalitarian “Synchronization” — Germany 1933 and USA 2010

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The German National Socialists used the term Gleichschaltung to describe the “coordination” or “synchronization” of all government functions by centralizing power in the Chief Executive. This process was carried out through a series of executive decrees supposedly authorized by the 1933 Enabling Act, formally known as the “Law for Removing the Distress of People and Reich.”

The September 14, 2001 “Authorization for Use of Military Force” has served a similar function for both George W. Bush and Barack Obama. That measure has been invoked to justify the war in Iraq, the institutionalization of torture, the presidential designation of individuals as “unlawful enemy combatants,” the summary execution of suspected terrorists by means of unmanned Predator drones, and other tyrannical exercises of presidential “authority” in the context of the “war on terror.”

Yesterday (January 11), Barack Obama added another critical element to the architecture of wartime presidential dictatorship by signing an executive order establishing a “Council of Governors” for the supposed purpose of strengthening federal-state “partnership” in military and homeland security affairs.

The body would consist of a bipartisan panel of ten state governors who will “meet at the call” of various executive functionaries, including the Secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security to assist the Supreme Leader carry out the “synchronization” — again, what the Nazis called Gleichschaltung — “and integration of State and Federal military activities in the United States.”

According to an official White House press release, this new body will be invaluable in the effort to “relieve the distress of the people and Reich.” No, not really; the statement actually said that the Council “will provide an invaluable Senior Administration forum for exchanging views with State and local officials on strengthening our National resilience and the homeland defense and civil support challenges facing our Nation today and in the future.” Which, come to think of it, is pretty much the same thing.

Taken by itself, this executive order does little more than add another layer of bureaucracy dealing with the use of the National Guard. It should be remembered, however, that in 2006 Congress turned the National Guard into something akin to a Praetorian Guard to be used — whether at home or abroad — as the president desires. This helps explain an obvious and ominous change in the Guard’s definition of its mission and responsibilities, which include hands-on involvement in domestic law enforcement.

It’s also worth pointing out that this new Council represents yet another avenue through which the president can circumvent congressional resistance to military adventurism, in the highly unlikely event that such resistance were to coalesce.

While it’s true that Obama’s executive order will not immediately result in troops flooding our cities and detention camps springing from the soil, it represents a critical milestone on the road to undisguised dictatorship.

Source: LewRockwell

EDITORIAL: IRS to control your health care

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Obamacare gives tax agency broad new powers


Congress is creeping closer to passing a government health care bill without telling taxpayers how they are going to pay for the crippling bureaucratic expansion. The reason Democrats are so secretive is that they are ramping up the power of the Internal Revenue Service to make Americans’ health care decisions for them.

A new report on the poor quality of service Americans receive from the IRS doesn’t augur well for the agency’s central role in government health care. With the April 15 tax day just three months away, the IRS already is warning tax filers that about three of every 10 taxpayers who phone the tax office “will likely be ignored this year.”

In its annual report to Congress, the IRS admitted that it is overwhelmed as more people are calling for help because of increasingly complex questions about the bewildering, nearly 70,000-page tax code. Twisted up in its own red tape, the IRS lamely admits that answering just 71 percent of those seeking help is a target for the agency. Efforts to improve performance will be considered a success so long as the IRS answers more calls than last year, when it picked up 64 percent of the time. One major problem with this measure is that the 64 percent figure is meaningless because it has no relationship to how many of the calls that were answered were done so correctly. Alas, taxpayers are still liable even if the IRS gives the wrong answer over the phone.

The House and Senate health care bills are more than 2,000 pages each, and both are chock-full of new regulations that further empower the IRS. So many new tax rules mean the tax system is about to get a lot more complicated, and the IRS is going to have to handle even more confused customers. In particular, the IRS will be involved in monitoring whether people have the “right level” of health insurance, which the bureaucracy will determine. Not even Sen. Charles E. Grassley, Iowa Republican, can get an answer from the IRS about this mess. “Are they capable of doing it? How much more is it going to cost to do it? Do they know what the law requires?” the senator asked. “And we never got a concrete answer from the IRS.”

If the Obama administration can’t answer Mr. Grassley’s basic queries, there’s little chance the Democrats are capable of accurately answering – or even willing to address – the myriad other questions about the implications of the IRS’ expanded role in the government health care bill. At least two fundamental concerns demand attention but are being ignored because Democrats know their plans would be undermined if they were honest about the issues. The simple questions are: Do Americans really want the IRS even more deeply involved in their lives? Do Americans really want to do battle with the IRS each year on yet another front? The answer to both is clearly no.

Taxpayers should all be afraid of the fact that the Obama administration and the IRS refuse to answer the most basic questions about the tax agency’s proposed new powers over individual health care. Democrats are secretive because the truth is going to hurt.

Army Imprisons Iraq Vet for Hip Hop Song

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January 10, 2010

Specialist Marc Hall, aka hip hop artist Marc Watercus, was looking forward to the end of his U.S. Army service in February and never going back to Iraq, when commanders decided to “stop-loss” him—the policy that allows military officials to keep soldiers longer than their service contracts state. Frustrated by the Army’s decision, Hall recorded—and mailed to his superiors—a song protesting the stop-loss policy, which has forced thousands of troops to serve extra time in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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The Army threw Hall in jail on December 11, 2009, in Liberty County Jail, Georgia. He is charged under Article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which covers “all disorders and neglects to the prejudice of good order and discipline” and “all conduct of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces.”

Army officials considered the song a warning sign and threat. In the song Hall raps:

Like Obama says somebody be held responsible
But some of you all gonna be held in the hospitals, whenever possible…

I’m gonna round up all eventually, easily, walk right up peacefully
And surprise them all
Yes, yes y’all, up against the wall, turn around
I got a motherfuckin’ magazine with 30 rounds, on a three round burst
Ready to fire down … spray and watch the bodies all hit the floor
I bet you don’t stop-loss nobody no more, in your next lifetime of course…

Hall’s civilian lawyer claims that the lyrics to the song should not be taken literally. Hall’s court-martial trial is expected to take place sometime in the coming months.

Holding and Folding

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Hidden meaning in Keyshia Cole’s “Playa Cardz Right” music video.

D.C. Lock Down After Person With Gun Report

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Glenn Thrush
December 29, 2009

Editor’s note: Just a friendly little reminder to our Congress critters in the wake of the underwear bomber charade?

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UPDATE: Capitol Police tell staffers the situation has “stabilized” and the lock down will soon be called off.

Hill staffers are in lock down after Capitol Police issued a report of a person with a gun.

The email:

Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2009 3:24 PM
To: All House Staff
Subject: Capitol Hill Complex Lock Down

December 29, 2009
1523 hours

A lock down has been intiated for all buildings in the Capitol Complex due to the investigation of a man with a gun.

Student Suspended And Assaulted For Handing Out ANTI-VACCINE Flyers

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Robert Wanek

December 18, 2009

The flyers consisted of simple medical studies that disprove vaccine safety claims by the CDC. On December 16th Breckenridge High School was holding a free vaccination clinic for all willing students, I signed up on the 14th and intended to enter the science room to hand out educational flyers.

When I began handing them out I was physically pushed around by my principal, this didn’t stop me from handing out many more flyers to the waiting students, some of which changed their mind and began to leave the line. After being threatened with arrest and removal from school property, I went back to class.

When I was dismissed at 1:30 I ran back to the clinic. After being physical blocked by a public health official I slid under her arm and began peacefully offering nurses more information. This is when my science teacher Scott Wermerskirchen Assaulted me by pushing, bumping, grabbing, and aggressively ‘bearhugging’ me in an attempt to get my video camera.

The whole altercation was captured on multiple security cameras and seen by over 20 witnesses. The school is refusing to release any video footage, and has not taken action against this teacher. However, the punishment for handing out flyers was a 2 day out of school suspension which was issued to me. This is ludicrous unjust and downright fascist.

Contact the school with your opinions
(Principal Bettin)

Superintendent Schmidt

Every student in this film has given me WRITTEN CONSENT to film and broadcast them, although I did not operate the camera, I therefore avoided breaking any rules.