The Great American Recovery Plan

The Troubled Assets Relief Program(TARP) the economic package that was supposed to fix the economy from destruction, fell flat on its face, that is if you were an average citizen as it did not help you. For the multi-national corporations, or mega banks that received TARP funds, the legislation was of great benefit to you. These companies received billions of dollars( in some cases the companies did not need or ask for) which was used to go on junkets, give executive bonuses, acquire other companies, and line their bank accounts all the while the American people , who the TARP funds were supposed to help, continued to lose their homes at an alarming rate.


The $787 billion “stimulus” package will be an overwhelming failure; it is another example of throwing money at a money problem and it is only going to exacerbate our financial predicament. The fear mongering and scare tactics used by the Bush and Obama administrations (as well threats of martial law to the House if they did not pass the unconstitutional bill by former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson) to get the TARP and this latest “stimulus” bill through Congress have distracted the people from the fact that at its best, it is only a temporary fix and it deals with only the symptoms rather than the cause and will leave us worse off than we were before the act passed. I will through this plan, deal with the causes and how we correct it. This tactic has also swindled the American people into thinking that something must be done right away of the sky will fall, when for a problem of this magnitude, careful, prudent planning would best serve us. The same thing was said of the TARP, and things have gotten much worse since its passing. The use of fear by then Sen. Obama, Sen. McCain, President Bush and others to try to rush this bill through and then to criticize those who were against the bill or wanted to take a slower approach in terms of reviewing the legislation ( they were only given a few hours to read the 451 page bill) were absolutely reprehensible. You should always be weary of anything or anyone that wants to make a major decision hastily because often times there is an agenda to take advantage of you, as was the case with the TARP and this latest “stimulus” package. The push that something must be done not today but yesterday fooled many people into thinking that was the correct course of action




Here are a few things that is implemented will truly (unlike the”stimulus”package) lift America, and the world, out of the quandary it is in. It is all very doable and unlike the TARP, it will not line the pockets of multi-national corporations and international bankers. I call it the Great American Recovery Plan.





  1. The abolition of the Federal Reserve System.  This quasi-private, run for profit corporation actually loans the money for this nation to the government at interest. Since its insidious implementation in 1913, the national and personal debt have seen a steady increase, our money is devaluing by the day, we now have an income tax, and the standard of living for the average American has decreased. Just as the international bankers and robber barons who own the Fed caused the Panic of 1907, the Depressions of 1921 and 1929 and every recession this nation has experienced. The current economic storm we are in has been engineered by the same group. The TARP and the “stimulus” package are two more steps in the funeral march of the U.S. Dollar. The great thing that there is already the legislation right now to abolish this evil entity. The plan calls for the passing of Rep. Ron Paul’s (R-TX) HR2755, The Federal Reserve Abolition Act and the enacting of Executive Order 11110 which restores us to constitutional money. Here is why we must do this:


           A.  It takes away the monopoly that the Federal Reserve and the

                 international bankers and returns that power to the people and

                 the Treasury. This will free the Republic from the yoke of debt 

                 that it has languished under by having to borrow money from

                 the private Fed and pay it back with interest, which is what the 

                 income tax goes toward.


B.      By having a money that is backed by a real asset such as silver or gold, the amount that can be printed is limited. This puts a halt to the printing of money out of thin air that the Federal Reserve and other central banks have been doing. Having sound money also protects the value of the currency and would stop the ever-rising inflation. This is why prices seem to rise but in reality it is inflation and that inflation is eroding the buying power of our currency because there is too much money in circulation. Returning that lost buying power back to the people will raise the standard of living in this nation.


C.      The size of government would also be limited. With its access to unlimited cut off with the abolition of the Federal Reserve System, and now having sound money, there is a limit to the size that government can grow to. Government can return to the limited entity that it was always intended and not the overgrown albatross it has morphed into with its tentacles reaching ever more into our daily lives. This would return rightful power to the people through the local and state governments. In addition a sound money puts a real limit on government spending and would force government to operate on a clear budget and that could foster more efficiency from the government. We have not had a balanced budget since our removal from the gold standard in 1971.



  1. The repealing of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  This agreement, which was entered into in 1994 by the United States, Canada, and Mexico, was allegedly to remove the trade barriers between the three nations, however this so called “free trade” agreement has eviscerated America’s manufacturing sector. Those jobs moved beyond our borders in favor or cheaper foreign labor. Companies were even given tax incentives to move jobs out of this nation. By ending this asinine arrangement we can rebuild our manufacturing sector and become a producing nation once again. If we are producing things then people are working and economy would be much healthier.



  3.  The withdrawal of The United States from the United Nations.  This        evil organization was set up in 1945 after WW II as another 

       attemmpt at a world governing body after the failed League of Nations. 

       The United States does not need to be in the UN to secure its national 

       sovereignty and under the Great American Recovery Plan the nation 

       would immediately leave this organization, which has been involved in

       secret wars and population reduction studies just to name a few items of

       its long dirty laundry list.


These things can save our country if they were implemented. I invite all freedom minded people who are reading this to take it and build upon this information. Take it to your congressional officials and let them know this is true way to really save our money, not giving more money to foreign banks and multi-national corporations. Time is growing short; if we are to act, this is the time. We cannot sit around and wait or hope for someone else to do it. Freedom is not free; the price of it is eternal vigilance.

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  1. Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

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