HoneyBaked Ham customer data stolen

Computer server was taken Dec. 24 from Northside store

Patrons of the HoneyBaked Ham store at 65th Street and Keystone Avenue might be at risk for identity theft if they shopped there in late December.

The company said Friday that a computer server stocked with credit-card information was stolen from the 2431 E. 65th St. store on Dec. 24. The break-in occurred after business hours.

HoneyBaked Ham said it already notified police and several credit-card companies. However, in a statement, the company urged customers who believe they have been affected to contact their credit-card companies, too.

“HoneyBaked Ham does not have addresses to contact consumers individually,” the company said in a written statement.

The statement didn’t say how many customers might be at risk. A spokeswoman for the Detroit-based company didn’t return a call for comment.

Every year dozens of companies report that laptop computers and servers packed with personal data go missing. The cases often involve customers,

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, an advocacy group that has tracked consumer data breaches since 2005, lists similar situations at companies ranging from Motorola to American International Group.

Most recently in Indianapolis, a computer server containing Social Security numbers and other personal data was stolen last March from the Central Collection Bureau on the Southside. The information included billing records for Citizens Gas & Coke Utility, St. Vincent Health and Methodist Medical Group.

And in July in Terre Haute, a laptop containing personal information for current and former Indiana State University students was stolen. It later was returned anonymously.


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