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Veteran Attacks Cindy Sheehan

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November 30, 2009

Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, along with other protesters stood outside Nellis AFB, chanting in opposition to President Obama’s plan to deploy an additional 30 to 35 thousand troops to Afghanistan.

“We are supporting the troops and we want them back home safely,” said Meg Green.

The activists also sounded off against the use of drones, which are unmanned aircraft controlled and launched by soldiers at bases around the world. Cindy Sheehan, the California mother, whose son was killed while serving in Iraq in 2004 has been traveling with the peace caravan. But Sheehan and the group were confronted by a military sergeant at Travis AFB where the protest turned heated and was anything but peaceful.

“He got very aggressive with us. He pushed and shoved us. That’s not right,” said Sheehan.

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Taliban wants ‘new world order’, says Zardari

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H S Rao
London, May 14 (PTI) With the Taliban becoming emboldened in Pakistan, President Asif Ali Zardari has described them as the “biggest challenge” of 21st century and warned that they are trying to create a “new world order”.

“It is not a short-term affair, it is a long-term affair. It is challenging our way of life, they are trying to create a new world order,” Zardari, who is here on a two-day visit, said while referring to the threat from Taliban.

“It (the Taliban) is the biggest challenge of the 21st century,” the Pakistan President told newsmen here last night.

He also dismissed as incorrect a BBC survey which suggested that only 38 per cent of Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province is under government control.

Zardari’s comments came after his meetings with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Foreign Secretary David Miliband, opposition Conservative party leader David Cameron and Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague.

The latest situation in the fight between the Taliban and the Pakistani army figured in his talks with the British leaders.

Official sources said Zardari hoped the international community would continue to provide assistance to Pakistan in its endeavour to confront challenges of violent extremism and terror, strengthening the capability of law enforcing agencies and resurrecting the national economy and the rehabilitation of the internally displaced persons. PTI