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Inflation: The Tax You Don’t Notice

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It is often said ” money doesn’t go as far as it used to” . Most people chalk it up to rising prices or greedy companies and take it no further. However that is not truly the case. If people realized they were in actuality paying a hidden tax, they may ask some serious questions.

The American people pay scores of taxes on everything from gasoline to gurdles and everything in between. One of the least known and most insidious is known as inflation.

To understand inflation,one must have a basic understanding of how our banking and monetary system works. In short, our money does not in fact come from the treasury, but is loaned to the government by a private corporation known as the Federal Reserve. As with any loan, there is interest attached to it, which is why we have the income tax. This private corporation has a monopoly over the money supply and because of that the only place the “money” can come from to pay for the debt is from the Fed, they have to constantly increase the money supply to pay for it. Since our money is no longer backed by anything (i.e gold, silver), putting more money into the circulation only decreases the value of the currency.

A simple illustration of this is you buy a pound of meat for $1 and then more currency is put into circulation, that additional currency has decreased its buying power, thus it takes more of it to buy the same amount of goods and to reflect that diminished value the “price” of the meat increases to $1.50.

What this means for you is you must work more to maintain even your current standard of living. The cost of living adjustments that people receive are mere pittance, designed to appease and pacify a population that, for the most part, have no idea what is befalling them.

This is why it is imperative that sound money be restored. It would halt the erosion of our currency’s buying power and severely stifle inflation. Executive Order 11110, which allows the treasury to issue silver backed United States notes rather than fiat Federal Reserve notes should be reactivated. Bills such as HR 1207 which audits the Federal Reserve, HR 2750, which abolishes the Fed, need to be supported and passed in their original form.

The alternative is an ever decreasing currency, having to work even more and eventually a collapse of the currency and economy. The choice is yours.

The People Shall Prevail

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Last week I attended one if the many tea parties that protested the taxation, monetary and other governmental policies held around the country. There are a growing number of people who are quite dissatisfied with the direction this nation has taken over past decade plus and protests like this and the End the Fed rallies have put the people’s disgust and distrust of our government on public display. It was wonderful to see not only the sheer number of people but I was also impressed with the diversity of the crowd, not only at the Tea Party I attended but at the others as well. Young and old, black and white, democrats, republicans, and independents, liberal and conservatives all came together for a common cause.

The portrayal and attempted marginalization of the Tea Parties and those who attended by the mainstream, corporate controlled media was , to say the least, disgusting. It was infuriating to see Anderson Cooper and David Gergen essentially belittling the Tea Parties by using the word “teabagging”to describe the event, which is really classless on their part.  Ms. Garafolo , how dare you say we who attended the Tea Parties are uninformed, racist and a protest against the Demorcrats! I know this is your and MSNBC and the rest of the mainstream media’s  pathetic attempt to turn this into a race issue and a Democrat/Republican, left/right issue and nothing could be further from the truth. In large, those who attended Tea Parties were people for whom things such as race or political affiliation most certainly was not their reason for going. It is important that people understand and not allow these historic events to be cheapened by misinformation and
 propaganda. We love our Republic and we know the way to get it back on track is not more frivolous spending, bailouts for banks and increased taxation. We know that we have strayed far away from the Constitution and we need to get back to it.

Despite what may be said by the mainstream media, we are not cooks, racist, anti-government(or according to recently released federal report, domestic terrorists). People need to understand the tatic used is meant to discredit us because if they debated us on the issues we raise, they’d lose and lose badly and that would put the true issues on display for the people. The mainstream media and puppet masters who control this nation cannot have that. We have truth on our side and because of that we shall prevail.