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Data Breaches Hit Close To Home

Posted in Business, Economy, Identity Theft, News with tags , , on February 19, 2010 by truthwillrise

As we go through the course of days and lives, we deal with many businesses and entities. We get utilities in our new home, we sign up for an insurance policy, obtain a gym membership, apply for a job, or maybe get a discount card from our favorite retail store. These things are done many times without a second thought of where that information goes or how it is stored and protected.

As we have shifted into the information age, information has now become a commodity, particularly of a personal nature, and like any commodity it is bought and sold. That is why there are databases and there are databases for nearly anything and everything. The problem is that this information is being stolen at a dizzying pace. According to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, there have been over 340 million records compromised since 2005.  

Tennessee has not been immune to data breaches. On Christmas Eve 2007, two laptops were stolen from the Davidson County Election Commission which contained personal information every registered voter in the county, 337,000 people. Tennessee Tech suffered two data losses; one in 2008 when a flash drive was lost that held the names and Social Security numbers of 990 students, and another took place in 2009 when an errant email revealed 3,100 Social Security numbers. A flash drive was lost at Tennessee State that contained the names and financial information of 9,000 people. Lifeblood in Memphis lost the information of 321,000 when laptops came up missing.  

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