False Testimonies: Tithing Scam Uncovered

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  1. Malachi 3:5 tells me that those who defraud the worker of his wages will be judged accordingly, and that is exactly what tithing-teaching pastors are doing. DEFRAUDING THE WORKER OF HIS WAGES.

    It is my honest opinion that any pastor who teaches and collects the tithe is either ignorant or dishonest. I personally know both types of pastors.

  2. Jeremy White Says:


    Abortion is the slaughter of the innocents. It is the destruction of the manifest purpose and image of God and its replacement with the agenda and purpose of man, at cost. The cost is God’s, but for man it is seen as a savings, not a cost. This is the ultimate self-exaltation of man – to place his purpose and agenda at the center of life, through murder eliminating both God and his manifest image in order to do so. When abortion becomes convenient, eliminating and replacing God becomes commonplace. Though God spilled his own Blood to save us, we now spill blood to save our agenda, or to avoid His. His agenda is to see his eternal purpose fulfilled in every born child in the Earth. Ours is whatever economic or social convenience dictates.

    Abortion is the spilling of innocent blood in order to replace God’s eternal purpose in man with a self-serving socioeconomic ideal. The purpose of this writing is to reveal how the abortion industry in America and other western countries has been created and sustained by a western Protestant church culture in moral default, one which has birthed this self-indulgence at the cost of blood. The moral disregard of the slavery of the black African in America, combined with the lack of financial and ministerial reform from Catholicism, comprise the root. The problem of abortion is both simple and complex.
    It is simple in that explaining why both slavery and lack of church finance reform have resulted in abortion will be relatively simple. It is complex because regardless how simple that will be, western Protestant church culture, including those who esteem themselves as highly prophetic in nature and ability remain to this day almost completely blind to the simple truths that have birthed institutional abortion. Those same truths also maintain it, and currently the church engages in a fight in an arena where it can never win because the core of the problem – the bedrock upon which abortion firmly rests and subsists – is never touched or examined. That bedrock is the social and economic disorder of the church in the West, particularly manifested in the lack of church finance reform via the preponderance of the European church tax, renamed “the tithe”, which in its state of disorder is dependent upon another inherited form of Catholicism – the inflated pastoral office which both dominates and replaces what is commonly known as the “5-fold ministry” Paul spoke of in Ephesians.
    Ministerial disorder and its preponderance of financial disorder through the false tithe lay at the core of why abortion persists in America and elsewhere, and it is the reason the church has gotten nowhere fighting the issue in the federal and state justice systems. More to the core, the removal and temporary elimination of the spilled Blood of Christ as the only method of approaching Father God by its replacement with the false tithe is a crime against the Blood, one for which there is no justification or recourse. When the Church replaces the Blood of Innocence with a means of financial order designed to promote cash flow economic disorder results, and the blessing of God cannot remedy it. This economic disorder, manifested truly as a lack of church finance reform from the European church tax, is maintained because the desire for the resulting cash flow maintains it. However, in order to maintain it, the same ministerial disorder which promoted the European church tax must also be maintained, and so it is. The inflated pastoral office takes the place of teacher, evangelist and apostle, with four of the five 5-fold ministries now called “pastor”, and with all of them under this common name promoting the same false doctrine within a four-walled structure that doctrine is designed to maintain and support. The support mechanism, the false tithe, then replaces the Blood of Christ through its implementation, and it does so most pointedly under the pressure of the Malachi curse.
    So with the church in ministerial disorder it remains in social disorder, and with its lack of financial reform toward innovation and correct financial stewardship under the apostolic office, it remains in economic disorder as well. Parishioners are widely taught that to reach God’s good grace one must tithe first, and then give. Old Testament law is invoked with corresponding curses, notwithstanding those curses are leveraged to promote a contrived law of tithing, not the Mosaic one. This is in effect the re-writing of the Scripture of the Law and the further manipulation of Father God’s prophetic words designed to protect his household in Malachi, now used against Him. In addition to this crime against the Throne of the Father and his Law, no longer is the Blood of Christ alone the acceptable way to reach Father God and have a relationship with him, at least not financially. If He is not paid off then the veil remains shut. So with the false tithe we have a crime against both Thrones of God – against the written Law of the Father embodied in the Old Testament tithe, and against the Blood of Christ by means of a contrived law which has been resurrected in a corrupted form to replace the Blood when the collection plate is routinely passed. As such, the false tithe stands in the place of the Anti-Christ, in the midst of the Holy Place, where only the Blood belongs.
    The fact is that the construct of the false tithe imposed under these circumstances as a church tax is hardly similar to God’s specific design of the tithe found in the Mosaic Law. The false tithe promoted today is an income tax, while the tithe designed by God was a luxury tax designed specifically as a system of welfare, not just for the maintenance of the priesthood. Such things are generally never spoken of in the four walls of the church because to draw attention to them would create an anomaly. But the anomaly is the false tithe itself and it remains and persists, burrowing as a worm deep into the spiritual identity of the average American Christian, ever leveraging its fear and lies against the name and character of Father God. Notwithstanding, the Father’s design of the Old Testament tithe as an intelligent and functional financial instrument stands true as a witness against it. Our western reliance on the church tax has unfortunately caused us to turn away from its unique and innovative design. So instead of redefining the Mosaic tithe from the agrarian economy in which God designed and placed it, we have not yet translated and transported its intelligence into our modern market system of economy. We have instead settled for a corrupted design because of the cash flow it creates, but with that has come a legacy.
    The legacy of ignoring the spilled Blood of the Innocent for cash flow is exactly the same – it is the complete disregard of the spilled blood of the innocents, also for cash flow. From a spiritually legalistic point of view this is justice. But it is judgment built on premise only, not true justice, and in the end this judgment will be against the church, not against the world. It is in the church were the problem began, not in the world. In order to end abortion in America – to even start to go down that road – the Western Protestant Church as a whole must seek cultural repentance for its misuse of finance and its corresponding neglect of the poor, the elderly and the fatherless. For the church to fight the problem of federal law through protest, for example, is to address the problem where it did not begin. Such measures, though necessary in part, will never solve the problem. When the church has no moral foundation to stand on with this issue there should be no expectation of victory, and that is why we have found none thus far. Victory through ending abortion, if defined in that way, can only come by first going to the root of the problem, and that will require revelation, conviction and repentance for the church and the church only.
    The revelation begins with understanding the failure of the Protestant church in the West to address and arrest the issue of slavery in the Americas. In the end, an armed federal revolution addressed the problem and essentially solved it, but it did not go far enough. It did not because expecting the federal government to impose a moral solution to a problem it had just addressed through military means was absurd. It was and is always the church’s job to do that, but the church in the West did not. Instead, it left the freed slave to flounder without even sufficient legal and social protections, and more importantly without economic assistance for some 100 years after being “freed”. This moral failure of social and economic assistance to the black African in America was the next great failure of the Western Christian Church in mitigating the legacy of slavery, but not its last. And this failure to economically support, which it was not the federal government’s obligation to address post-Civil War, is most profoundly connected to the use of the Protestant church tax in the Americas which persists today. The reason it is connected is because God’s design of the tithe dictates that it is to be used not only for the priesthood but also for three additional groups – the stranger in the land (i.e., the estranged from the economic system at hand, hence the poor), the widow (the elderly), and the orphan (today, the fatherless).
    When the black Africans were largely freed from their enslavement by the Civil War, they represented all three of the groups noted above. They were strangers in a strange land; they were estranged from the economic, social and political fabric of that land; and they were widows and orphans because families were eradicated through the mechanism of the slave trade. The tithe, as per God’s Mosaic design, should have been utilized to help them all, but it was not. Instead, the false tithe maintained its farce for the next 100 years in order to provide residual income to an ever-splintering Protestant subculture of denominations and non-denominations, most of them all too willing to leverage it against their unwary congregations for real estate development and the promotion of variable doctrine. The freed slaves were left to themselves and as such gravitated either to the cities of the north or to the rural poor habitations of the heartland and the south. Either way, poverty was the result and with poverty comes an inability to raise family or, at length, an inability to raise that family in anything other than poverty. So while the church continued its real estate expansion under the momentum of increasing division the African Americans were left to fend for themselves. 100 years went by and then the federal government had to step in again.
    After having just about enough, it took one from amongst their own to finally rise up – Martin Luther King, Jr., of course – and the marches against injustice began. Simultaneously, so did the destruction of portions of some American cities through both rioting and fire. Here again, as with the Civil War, the federal government was forced to heroically step in where the church’s moral failure had left a vacuum leading to poverty, death and destruction. For the feds this would mark perhaps the third major time up to bat in the 20th Century to address a major socioeconomic and moral failure of the church in America. The first major socioeconomic intervention by the feds occurred with the introduction of jobs corps programs such as the Tennessee Valley Authority and similar work programs which were implemented on the heels of the Great Depression, combined later on with the New Deal legislation which resulted in eventual welfare reform but which was initially designed primarily to address the problems faced by poor whites. During the depression national security was at stake as socialism spread throughout Eastern Europe and fear persisted that it would find political solvency here at home as well.
    Backing up even further, it is not exactly intuitive that a failure of the church caused the great depression, but here again we have a failure of default. In this case it was not primarily a failure to take care of the poor but instead a failure to steward God’s prophetic leading, once again because of a ministerial disorder directly inherited from unreformed Catholicism. When the Protestant version of the Catholic priest-hood, the pastoral office, dominated stewardship over doctrine for hundreds of years in the Americas division was the end result. Tithing as residual income arose naturally to offer a readily available funding mechanism for the building of real estate to accommodate any and all diversifications of doctrine, and with impunity. But, another legacy also resulted, that being the redirected stewardship of finance and doctrine under the ministerial office least suited to handle both.
    The pastoral office, of the five-fold ministerial offices, is the one tasked with Stewardship of the House, which literally based on the Mosaic tithe means the stewardship over the Father’s interests combined with ensuring the welfare of all those unable to spiritually or physically stand on their own. So with the unreformed Catholic ministerial office of the western Protestant pastor what we have is a shepherding office which has left off the care of the sheep for the administrative concerns of real estate expansion and/or maintenance, for which those same sheep are then taxed. Along with this there is the imposition and maintenance of false doctrines – modern tithing specifically – which in and of themselves indicate a move away from proper stewardship of Scriptural doctrine. For it to occur en masse, as it has, simply indicates a cultural exodus away from the correct stewardship of doctrine. In agrarian America prior to the Civil War this cultural phenomena of an unreformed and Catholicized Protestant church would have been nearly impossible to detect. However, post-Civil War, with increasing industrialization and the movement of Americans away from rural areas into cities, the true failures of this lack of proper stewardship of finance and of the House of God, the poor, would gradually be laid bare.
    Along with that, by the 1920s America had become so industrialized and the market so centralized that people were participating in droves in the speculation that eventually caused the crash which lead to the Great Depression. American neoclassical economist Irving Fisher has identified speculation as one of the primary causes for the market fall of 1929. This speculation in one sense falls into the realm of prophetic leading from God, but it of course does not, because it is the other side of the coin. It resides instead in the dark side where divination exists – the prediction of the future devoid of God, which is in its essence gambling. So by 1928 we have an American society largely engaged in the divination of gambling, and we also have a society seeking divination through other means. It was a society seeking God, seeking spiritual knowledge, because with a Protestant culture unreformed from Catholicism the prophetic knowledge of God was largely absent. This was evident with the popularity of rural New York occultist retreats and of popular interest in Edgar Cayce and his reliance on the Akashic Records, instead of on the prophetic leading of the Holy Spirit of God, as examples. Without prophets to offer Divine guidance through innovative means and technologies and without apostles to steward those words to regions, cities and peoples, there was instead a vacancy of the prescriptive Word of God in the entire culture. The church once again was responsible for this, because without the apostolic administrative stewardship of finance and doctrine the nation and its people were left to wander. Financial and social disaster was the result.
    In the end a culture seeking wealth through the divination of speculation, with no prophetic or apostolic leading to speak of in that culture, caused the market crash of 1929. It is God who increases wealth for the establishment of his covenant, and that is Scripture (Deut. 8:18). Instead, we had a culture devoid of the prophetic leading of God seeking chance to establish wealth, while the church played harlot with a bureaucratic system of finance based on taxation, enclosed behind four walls, irrelevant to the culture and the market. That is about to change today, but it is important to see the historical legacy of the absence of apostolic and prophetic stewardship of doctrine, in particular, and of the unfolding Word of God through the leading of the Holy Spirit, as Jesus had indicated. The end result was a ballooning culture of the poor and the elderly poor. Many Americans lost most or everything in that crash and of course the federal government was left to pick up the pieces. Here the church defaulted in prophetic and apostolic ministry to set up the crash in the wake of a cultural famine of the prophetic leading of God in the first place, and in the end also defaulted for the care of the poor which resulted from it. No true regional 5-fold ministry before 1929 or after, with the end result being a government forced to compensate and grow in order to do so.
    The church can complain against and hate the federal government all it wants, but the truth is the church has made it what it is today, at least domestically, in terms of both power and breadth. This is because the government has been forced to step in time and again to address the moral neglect and failure of the church to address the socioeconomic concerns of the poor, elderly and fatherless since at least the Civil War. Addressing such concerns in a sizable vacuum is no easy task and requires resources and administration, hence growth. It has always been in the government’s best interests to do so, and that it why it has always acted, though oftentimes under severe duress as with the 1960s Civil Rights legislation. The government cannot tolerate social unrest, and poverty will always lead to it. When the church is forever invested in the ARGUE  DIVIDE  BUILD methodology for expanding Christendom, it does so at the expense of the local population, not through it. The government is then left to smooth out the resulting imbalance which the church left by default, through its taxation of the fatherless instead of the nurturing of that group toward the good stewardship of finance in business, for example. The end result has been fatherless upon fatherless generation incapable of innovative thought or even of basic economic stewardship, and certainly one morally devoid of conscience on a large scale. This is the legacy of the church looking the other way and playing the harlot with money, buildings and expansion programs, instead of shepherding local populations by seeking innovative uses of real estate to address the specific needs of those various communities.
    So while the New Deal and subsequent welfare legislation and Social Security addressed the poor and the elderly in particular, up to the 1960s the black African-American barely gleaned from such benefits. Not enough was being done and they were in stagnation, particularly in cities where the poverty was less tolerable. So 100 years after the Civil War the historical failure of the western Christian church to heal and restore the displaced black African slave was again laid bare for the world to see. And again the federal government rushed to the rescue. Well, maybe it did not exactly rush, but after a few short years of protests the Civil Rights legislation was drafted, and again the federal government came to the rescue where the church had morally defaulted, and this time with a moral solution – equality for all. While this should have been foundational in the Constitution, the effect here was to ostensibly reiterate constitutional protections for a specific social subset which had historically been denied those protections. Apparently, the social and moral fabric of America, Christian nation though it professed to be, remained insufficient to guarantee freedom for black Africans from the founding of the country until 1964. Herein lay both the foundation and the evidence for the Great Failure of the western Christian world, the repentance for which has yet to be acknowledged.
    Evidence that it has not yet been realized currently exists in the continued maintenance and promulgation of the false tithe, which at its root is, by both diversion and default the cause of it all – the love of money, the root of all evil. It is not, of course, that money is evil or that building a traditional church building is evil. But ignoring God’s direct Scriptural design of the tithe when that very design would have addressed the displaced black African in America and had him and her fully instated as a sovereign citizen by 1900 is both evil and inexcusable. Instead of doing so the American Christian played the rich man’s game of ARGUE  DIVIDE  BUILD over and over again to the tune of 50,000 denominations and counting. Patterning real estate development and hence the forward establishment of Christendom based on a bureaucratic method of taxation modeled after the IRS is also completely ridiculous and inexcusable. Well, ignoring God’s directive to care for his house is easy when you redefine his house, and that is exactly what happened with the use of the false tithe across most of the western Protestant world. God’s house is no longer defined as He defined it in his own specific design of the institutional tithe – the priesthood, the stranger, the widow and the orphan. Now it is the temple, or at length every temple on every street corner, everywhere. The most absurd thing of all is that the Malachi warning is now leveraged against those very same groups in order that they should help build the false house, when they are in fact the true house, themselves.
    So in America the true house of God is sheared to build the false house, and that is now unquestionably our Protestant culture and tradition. Indeed, a Christian’s personal financial status is most often interpreted based on compliance with this church tax, the false tithe, as either a direct blessing from God based on compliance or a level of poverty induced from the curse for noncompliance. This also is absurd but it is our common method of enforcing the psychological ideal of God’s willing participation in this farce. Unwittingly, the cultural belief in this curse combined with willing participation under law actually gives the curse some teeth, which then closes the circle of deception even further. So, what is the cultural legacy? An African American subculture of poverty that persists to this day, abated in part by federal government welfare and civil rights policy and lately by relaxed banking law which since the 1980s gave predatory lending institutions the ability to create a false sense of ownership amongst the poor and disenfranchised. What else? The care of God’s house transferred long ago by the church over to the federal government – in the case of the widow and elderly, Social Security; in the case of the poor and the estranged, welfare and civil rights reform; and in the case of the fatherless, the right to get an abortion.
    Of course, abortion is argued as a woman’s right to choose, but that argument is only a diversion. What the right to choose really means is that people are free to choose not to have more poor children which will further weigh down an already crumbling federal social welfare system. So it is in the government’s best interests to maintain abortion because without it the fiscal responsibility of caring for all those extra children would again, by a church in default, be transferred over to the liability ledger of the federal government’s Office of Management & Budget. It is not that the government is exactly cognizant in this strategy, of course. Abortion legislation as it exists today has simply followed the natural course of things, sort of like the way a rich man often falls headlong into Hell. When moral institutions transfer their God-given responsibilities over to a governmental system whose primary task is national security and domestic economic and social stability, there can be no hope or expectation for morality to be the defining factor in the solutions subsequently imposed.
    The federal government is only morally founded based in Constitutional Law, but that law is rendered void in its execution where a moral vacuum exists, as was true for the black African prior to 1964 at least. A government based on the people and for the people will operate morally only if the moral foundations of the culture which sustain that government are assured. When the church abandons those moral foundations then a more structural, task-focused approach will be utilized by the predominating governmental system, one which ignores morality for the greater material benefits of solvency and liquidity. The church can then complain all it wants about the evils of society and of the government in allowing abortion, but moral priorities have already been set. The transfer has already been made. The structural governmental entity has been left with stewardships which it cannot manage primarily through morality, as that is not its role. When the church abandons its moral stewardship to the structural governing entities of the land, then a structured approach to the management of that stewardship will ensue. There can be no expectation for morality to be further employed, as it has already been denied by the institutional religious entities responsible for maintaining it in the culture. That very abandonment will then also create a moral vacuum in the culture of many of those individuals economically, fiscally and socially responsible for maintaining national security and creating a balanced budget. This further ensures that the government will favor a mechanistic approach which sidesteps moral obligations in favor of social and economic stabilities, but it is the church which degraded the moral foundation of America, not the government that now operates based upon it.
    Any moral vacuum in a culture is a legacy of the church in that culture, not of its government, regardless how that government was founded. It is not incumbent upon the federal government to impose morality when it is forced to address social concerns left to it by a church divided and preoccupied with financial gain and the promotion of variable doctrines through the imposition of forced taxation. Truly, the government has historically exercised great restraint in its financial allowances granted to religious institutions in this country, apparently unaware of the fact that it has been forced to exercise financial stewardship in areas where the church is liable. This is because the federal government is not a moral institution – it is a structural one whose morality is contained only in the justice or lack thereof in the laws it imposes. Also, the federal government does not read Scripture, per se, and it is not definitively governed by the rules dictated in the Mosaic Law. Of course, neither does the church with respect to the financial and social stewardship of the local population, hence this discussion.
    Yet at the present time the church thinks it has the moral high ground and also believes that it makes a difference who is in or out of office, whether pro-choice or not. It matters not, because ending abortion is not a legal issue, it is a moral one. The legality has already been set, and it is currently legal to get an abortion. With the moral precedents already historically set and entrenched, attempting to solve the problem by simply employing one political party over the other becomes a fool’s errand. The fight must go to the root, and the root does not exist in the realm of federal or state law or in the vying of one political party’s platform against another. Instead, it exists at the core of Scriptural doctrine which in its misuse has rendered western Christianity both powerless and morally defunct. The root of the problem is that the western Christian Protestant Church in America left off its care of the poor to the government long ago, starting with the freed black African slaves. Fatherless, poor, estranged. Truly, abortion at its root cause is a problem of fatherlessness. Keeping the discussion centered on the right of the woman to choose only distracts from that core truth. The current fatherless rate in the African-American community speaks to the core of the problem, and it is the church by definition – and only the church – which could ever successfully address that problem. But it can never and will never address it if it is focused on the evils of the federal government and not on the evils of its own misuse of finance and ministerial disorder.
    The only solution to fatherlessness is fatherhood, and fatherhood is the beginning of New Testament Christian doctrine which forms the basis for the cross of Christ and the torn veil of the temple. We were restored by the Blood of the Innocent in order to restore our relationship with the Father. The false tithe is in complete contradiction to this restoration and just like the Anti-Christ that it is, it stands in the midst of the temple in the place where the veil was rent and seeks to reinstate the veil through virtue of its own self – tithing, as replacement to the Blood of Christ, for the avoidance of the curse and inclusion into the Blessing of the Father. It is truly one of the most evil and insidious of all the false doctrines ever created by man because of its legacy of default – a hidden legacy now exposed. Abortion is squarely part of that legacy, and if the western Christian church in part or as a whole does not understand the evil of the false tithe, repent of it, and embrace the true financial and ministerial doctrines contained in God’s design of the tithe and in the further application of regional 5-fold ministry, abortion in America will never end. Without 5-fold ministry implemented regionally under apostolic stewardship of doctrine and finance the church in America will remain powerless and impotent and abortion will continue. And the church will be responsible – not the federal government, not the democrats, and not the NAACP.
    Jeremy R. White

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