Medical ID Theft

Brandon King

June 18, 2010

Although medical id theft is one of the fastest growing segments of identity theft, most people are still unaware of this crime even though it can cost people many thousands of dollars or worse your life.

Medical identity theft occurs when someone utilizes your medical information. They may get prescriptions, get treated for illnesses or have other procedures done in your name.

If the massive bills you could receive and the potentiality to be dropped from your insurance are  not bad enough, the changes to your medical records are devastating. This is because most victims of identity theft do not know they have been such for quite sometime after the crime has occurred, but also because most people never check their medical records. The thief may have a different blood type or other medical information than that of the victim and the thief’s information get placed in the medical file with that of the victim. Incorrect medical information can wreak havoc on a victim.

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