Glenn Beck Associates Tea Parties With Austin Bomber, Asks If Austin Bomber Is “Radical Constitutionalist”

Information Liberation
February 19, 2010

Coaxed in rhetoric and uncertainty Glenn Beck on his TV show immediately after the Austin plane attack clearly suggested there may be a relation between the bomber and the Tea Party movement. He went into a scripted screed about how the tea parties need to get away from anyone calling for a revolution, “whether it’s a Tea Party revolution or a communist one.” He knows full well the Tea party movement is about a restoration of our constitution and bill of rights, no one has ever suggested a violent revolution involving flying planes into buildings and for him to even suggest that there is any connection shows his true colors. Immediately after the attack as the bulding still smoldered TIME Magazine, the Washington Post, and New York Magazine all attempted to associate the attacker with the Tea Party movement, despite no evidence and the Tea Parties obvious non-violent message. Glenn Benedict Arnold Beck can now be added to that list as well.

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One Response to “Glenn Beck Associates Tea Parties With Austin Bomber, Asks If Austin Bomber Is “Radical Constitutionalist””

  1. Yup, didn’t Beck run somewhere himself? I’ve heard that don’t know if it’s true. The dept. of honeland gastapo makes me want to puke. I wouldn’t fly a plane into a bldg. but I am not the least bit surprised someone did. Living on base for years, I know socialism it sucks that’s why I got out to have control over my life again. The non-military liberals kill me because they have no clue what a gov’t controlled state feels like. It just sounds chic, intellectual, it is not to anyone who knows.

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