APD Admits It Is Legal to Buy and Sell Firearms in Texas

Janaury 23, 2010

The Ellis County Observer has posted a response to an Infowars story, Gun Show Press Release from Austin PD. Helena Wright of the Austin Police Department responded to a Public Information Request by stating the following:

There have been no directives, rulings or regulations on gun shows or private gun sales that have come from APD or BATFE. There also have been no documents discussing directives, rulings or regulations.

APD’s Nuisance Abatement Unit and Firearms Review Unit only made recommendations to a property owner, please see the attached press release. Although we made these recommendations, they were not required by APD or BATFE.

In other words, the APD at the behest of the federal government leaned on a property owner and convinced him to close down the gun show. Helena Wright admits there are “no directives, rulings or regulations on gun shows or private gun sales” in Texas.

The APD and local Austin media are now attempting to convince people it is illegal for private citizens to sell firearms without “proper paperwork.” This is a color of law trick designed to prevent entirely legal gun sales.

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