Times Square A Police State on New Year’s Eve

January 1, 2010

Thousands of police officers were deployed in and around Times Square, backed by undercover officers, surveillance cameras, rooftop snipers, and devices able to detect radiation or biological agents.

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A huge crowd crammed under tight security into New York’s Times Square to witness the traditional midnight drop of the New Year crystal ball and the first seconds of 2010.

Revelers, watched by a worldwide live TV audience, shrugged off snow and rain to attend the massive annual gathering in the heart of Manhattan.

The descent of the multi-colored Waterford crystal ball marked the final moments of 2009 in a more-than-century-old tradition before a ton of confetti showered on the cheering crowd.

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One Response to “Times Square A Police State on New Year’s Eve”

  1. Want to see this in my lifetime in the best city in the world, New York. Did watch it on television with a can of beer, and some chili. My revelry was pretty poor, but better than nothing.

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