Poll Shows Belief in Global Warming is Declining PDF

Written by James Heiser
Friday, 23 October 2009 14:00

With the Copenhagen UN Climate Change Conference less than two months away, a new poll reveals that more and more Americans are seeing through the hype. Meanwhile, the Internationalists are squealing that Obama isn’t doing enough to push their agenda.

A poll by the Pew Research Center has documented a 20 point drop in the number of Americans who believe in anthropogenic (that is, man-made) climate change. According to a story from the Associated Press:

Just 57 percent think there is solid evidence the world is getting warmer, down 20 points in just three years, a new poll says. And the share of people who believe pollution caused by humans is causing temperatures to rise has also taken a dip, even as the U.S. and world forums gear up for possible action against climate change.

In a poll of 1,500 adults by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, released Thursday, the number of people saying there is strong scientific evidence that the Earth has gotten warmer over the past few decades is down from 71 percent in April of last year and from 77 percent when Pew started asking the question in 2006. The number of people who see the situation as a serious problem also has declined.

The margin of error in this study is relatively small — three percent — and thus it is clearly an indication of very good news which could not have come at a better time. As we have documented previously, there are valid scientific grounds for doubting the ‘doom and gloom’ scenarios being pushed by the environmental extremists: the models which predicted extreme climate change are out of step with the data.

When it comes to environmental fear-mongering, more people need to be asking: “Cui bono?” Who stands to gain from fomenting hysteria? Massive economic redistribution schemes are caught up in the plans for Copenhagen — in fact, as much as $1 trillion may be taxed out of the hides of the people of the First World and given to the Third World to offset the costs of their adaptation to the Green Global New World Order.

Most Americans certainly don’t want to see a system of cap-and-trade imposed on their economy, just to watch the taxes raised by that system given away to other nations. Again, according to the AP article:

The steepest drop has occurred during the past year, as Congress and the Obama administration have taken steps to control heat-trapping emissions for the first time and international negotiations for a new treaty to slow global warming have been under way. …

Only about a third, or 36 percent of the respondents, feel that human activities — such as pollution from power plants, factories and automobiles — are behind a temperature increase. That’s down from 47 percent from 2006 through last year’s poll. …

Political breakdowns in the survey underscore how tough it could be to enact a law limiting pollution emissions blamed for warming. While three-quarters of Democrats believe the evidence of a warming planet is solid, and nearly half believe the problem is serious, far fewer conservative and moderate Democrats see the problem as grave. Fifty-seven percent of Republicans say there is no solid evidence of global warming, up from 31 percent in early 2007.

With the economy in shambles, and mid-term elections only a year away, many politicians will to be looking to their futures. The science is weak and the people know it — despite a seemingly-endless indoctrination program from almost every media outlet, clearly many citizens are simply refusing to listen to the hype anymore.

The result of this public disbelief in man-made climate change? The Internationalists are beginning to panic. Today, the official UN website for the upcoming Copenhagen Conference is publicly excoriating President Obama for not doing more to force adoption of cap-and-trade:

Adoption of US legislation on climate change before the UN conference in Copenhagen this December will be crucial to the successful outcome of the conference. Therefore, US President Barack Obama should not resign himself to suggestions that the legislative process will need more time.

This was the message from Rajendra Pachauri, head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), as he attended a debate in Stockholm.

“I personally feel he (Barack Obama) ought to do a lot more (…) He really has to assert himself to see that the US passes legislation (…) He has to get the Senate to legislate the Kerry-Barbara Boxer bill (…) He had not (yet) put his weight behind it,” Rajendra Pachauri said according to AFP.

The IPCC chair added that he was cautiously optimistic on the chances of getting US legislation in place before the Copenhagen conference; that it is “critically important that the US be part of this world deal” and that a US bill “could make all the difference in the negotiations.”

But the candidate of “Hope and Change” is hearing a lot of political whining right now. From the utter inability of the Obama administration to deal with a cratering economy, and the constantly moving deadline for health care collectivization, it appears that the President has discovered it is easier to read speeches than actually work within the messy political process; the only ‘change’ presently coming out of this White House seems restricted to what can be wrapped in the mantle of “executive orders” and similar unilateral machinations.

Yes, the pesky political process of the United States is wearisome to the gaggle of globalists at the IPCC. And certainly the environmental fringe will not quietly accept their weakening position in the opinion of the public; in fact, one may anticipate that the Chicken Little brigade is presently investing in louder megaphones and they, together with the media and political elites, will ramp up the threats of imminent global death unless we surrender control of the global economy to international environmental regulation. But for the moment, truth is making headway against error, and that is good news indeed.

Rt. Rev. James Heiser has served as Pastor of Salem Lutheran Church in Malone, Texas, while maintaining his responsibilities as publisher of Repristination Press, which he established in 1993 to publish academic and popular theological books to serve the Lutheran Church. Heiser has also served since 2005 as the Dean of Missions for The Augustana Ministerium and in 2006 was called to serve as Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America (ELDoNA). An advocate of manned space exploration, Heiser serves on the Steering Committee of the Mars Society. His publications include two books; The Office of the Ministry in N. Hunnius’ Epitome Credendorum (1996) and A Shining City on a Higher Hill: Christianity and the Next New World (2006), as well as dozens of journal articles and book reviews.

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RP said:

When breaking the numbers down, 57% believe there is global warming. Only 36% of THOSE believe global warming is anthropogenic. What this means is that LESS than 21% of respondents believe in anthropogenic global warming.

Mr. Gore, it is obvious that you have managed to fool some people, you have also shown it obvious that you know the truth because of your refusal to even TRY to debate your position. You KNOW you don’t have a leg to stand on, and yet you persist.

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