Scientific Siege Against UN-IPCC Farce Revealed

September 25, 2009

What I find frightening is the fact that most of the people will buy into Human Caused Climate Change just because power speaks it… even though the data and factual analysis show it to be untrue.

In 1998 a group of concerned scientists began a concerted effort to counter this trend, and to stop the false UN-IPCC push to tax the people of the world and blame climate change on humanity. This HUGE effort has gone totally unreported by the mainstream media. It is the Global Warming Petition Project.

This effort is NOT a political effort, it is PURELY SCIENTIFIC in it’s thrust!  All signers must be scientists with at least a Bachelor of Science degree from an accredited school… there are over 31,478 signatories so far. As we speak, 9029 with Phds are among them… and over 12,000 work directly in climate related fields. (Since I first posted this, the number of scientists have increased and still the GWPP is hidden by the media.) 
Here is a direct link to the thinking and analysis on CO2 I did in a 2007 article.

The climate has always cycled over time. We are now in a cyclic warming trend and the data shows its long cycle predictability. With interdisciplinary communication, science has opened much of the climate change complexity to the light of reason and out of the realm of fear.  Fear is what the UN-IPCC, the politicians, and their minions have chosen to foist on us, a snake god operation in the name of anthropogenic climate change. The IPCC has been unmasked as the political organization it is, with it’s money making, world carbon tax, agenda/scam.

The proponants of human caused climate change rattle on about polar bears being destroyed by humanities evil CO2, which is BS. They also go on about island nations like Tuvalu being flooded by “humanity’s evil.” The data shows that the sea level world wide was about 12 inches higher during the Medieval Climate Optimum from about 750AD to 1200AD. During that time the average ocean temperature reached 24.2 degrees C. Then the Earth plummeted into the Little Ice Age which at it’s coldest dropped the ocean temperatures to 21.8 degrees C in about 1750AD. This is when the Thames, the Delaware, and Hudson rivers used to freeze solid every winter. We are now at 22.8 degrees C, which is below the 3,000 year average of just a tad under 23 degrees C. We are still coming out of the Little Ice age today! 1000 years ago the Island Tuvalu was almost under water, and will be again, but not because of human causes!

science technology   Scientific Siege Against UN IPCC Farce Revealed

“Figure 1: Surface temperatures in the Sargasso Sea, a 2 million square mile region of the Atlantic Ocean, with time resolution of 50 to 100 years and ending in 1975, as determined by isotope ratios of marine organism remains in sediment at the bottom of the sea (3). The horizontal line is the average temperature for this 3,000-year period. The Little Ice Age and Medieval Climate Optimum were naturally occurring, extended intervals of climate departures from the mean. A value of 0.25 °C, which is the change in Sargasso Sea temperature between 1975 and 2006, has been added to the 1975 data in order to provide a 2006 temperature value.

The average temperature of the Earth has varied within a range of about 3°C during the past 3,000 years. It is currently increasing as the Earth recovers from a period that is known as the Little Ice Age, as shown in Figure 1. George Washington and his army were at Valley Forge during the coldest era in 1,500 years, but even then the temperature was only about 1° Centigrade below the 3,000-year average.

science technology   Scientific Siege Against UN IPCC Farce Revealed

Figure 2: Average length of 169 glaciers from 1700 to 2000 (4). The principal source of melt energy is solar radiation. Variations in glacier mass and length are primarily due to temperature and precipitation (5,6). This melting trend lags the temperature increase by about 20 years, so it predates the 6-fold increase in hydrocarbon use (7) even more than shown in the figure. Hydrocarbon use could not have caused this shortening trend.

The most recent part of this warming period is reflected by shortening of world glaciers, as shown in Figure 2. Glaciers regularly lengthen and shorten in delayed correlation with cooling and warming trends. Shortening lags temperature by about 20 years, so the current warming trend began in about 1800.

science technology   Scientific Siege Against UN IPCC Farce Revealed

Figure 3: Arctic surface air temperature compared with total solar irradiance as measured by sunspot cycle amplitude, sunspot cycle length, solar equatorial rotation rate, fraction of penumbral spots, and decay rate of the 11-year sunspot cycle (8,9). Solar irradiance correlates well with Arctic temperature, while hydrocarbon use (7) does not correlate.

Atmospheric temperature is regulated by the sun, which fluctuates in activity as shown in Figure 3; by the greenhouse effect, largely caused by atmospheric water vapor (H2O); and by other phenomena that are more poorly understood. While major greenhouse gas H2O substantially warms the Earth, minor greenhouse gases such as CO2 have little effect, as shown in Figures 2 and 3. The 6-fold increase in hydrocarbon use since 1940 has had no noticeable effect on atmospheric temperature or on the trend in glacier length.


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While Figure 1 is illustrative of most geographical locations, there is great variability of temperature records with location and regional climate. Comprehensive surveys of published temperature records confirm the principal features of Figure 1, including the fact that the current Earth temperature is approximately 1 °C lower than that during the Medieval Climate Optimum 1,000 years ago (11,12).”


We have real environmental problems that this “thing”, this human caused climate change “thing” is obfuscating, leading us away from things that need to be addressed. The environmental movement has been hijacked/kidnapped by the UN-IPCC and it’s Pied Piper, Algore. The fact that virtually all of our leaders, on all sides have come out in support of this LIE, betrays them and their allegiance to the NWO, the ruling elite, and their disregard for the climate and disdain for the Constitution. 

They spew the words placed in their mouths by their global carbon taxation masters. There isn’t a dimes worth of difference between John McPuppet, Barack O’Puppet, or AlGore Puppet they all regurgitate the same global feudalistic talking points. Thus any discussion of their opinions has no validity in a discussion of facts and actualities, which like truth holds sway over OPINION even the OPINION of power busying itself selling climate change snake oil in a package of fear.

Here is the summery of the 12 page letter that is circulated with the Global Warming Petition Project petition.

For those who wish to peruse the actual letter, here is a link

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