Houston Cops Handcuff, Assault Man For Posting Obama Joker Flyers

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Thursday, September 17, 2009

Houston Cops Handcuff, Assault Man For Posting Obama Joker Flyers 170909top

A Houston man was handcuffed and assaulted by cops for posting anti-Obama flyers around his town, actions described as “criminal vandalism” by police and some local residents, despite the fact that giant pro-Obama murals are openly displayed in the same neighborhood for all to see.

21-year-old Mark Fuhre, an Alex Jones Show listener, decided to post the flyers even though the Infowars Obama Joker Poster Contest had ended, because he wanted to alert his neighbors to the cult of personality being manufactured around Obama and how the establishment is stifling any criticism of the President by constantly invoking racism.

Fuhre believed that he had a first amendment right to express his opinion, just as those that spray painted giant Obama “HOPE” murals in the same neighborhood had done without opposition. However, shortly after he began to post the flyers, a local resident voiced his anger that Fuhre had the temerity to exercise his freedom of speech and called the police.

“They slammed me against the hood of my car, cuffed me, threw me in the back of the car,” Fuhre told local news station KPRC.

He and his friend were later ticketed for criminal mischief and vandalism. The news report also quotes Kim Hammond of the Kingwood Democrats who slams the posters as “graffiti,” “vandalism” and an act of “criminal mischief”.

Watch the video clip here.

Houston Cops Handcuff, Assault Man For Posting Obama Joker Flyers 170909top2

What’s deliciously ironic about the news report is that KPRC correspondent Carl Willis, while discussing Fuhre’s dastardly crime of criminal vandalism for posting anti-Obama flyers, stands in front of a huge 12 foot mural wall painting of Obama. The authorities didn’t deem this to be “criminal vandalism” or “dangerous” despite the fact that Obama himself encouraged people to display similar images on stop signs and other federal property.

As we have highlighted before in the case of a Florida teenager who received similar harassment from authorities for posting the Obama Joker flyers, there is a flagrant double standard in place which dictates that only pro-Obama images are allowed to be displayed – a chilling indication that citizens of the United States enjoy the same level of free speech rights as those in Maoist China or Kim Jong-Il’s North Korea.

In the Florida case, authorities and the local media hysterically characterized the placement of Obama Joker posters as some kind of assault on the people of Clermont, creating “victims” and leading to demands for arrests and criminal charges against the teenager who posted them, a completely contrived outrage proven by polls that later showed the majority of residents supported the teenager.

“It’s the constitution of the United States, which is being forgotten,” Fuhre told KPRC. “Everyone should have their liberties.”

It seems that everyone is entitled to their liberties, so long as they don’t use them to dissent against the government, and in particular the contrived God-like untouchable facade being manufactured around negative depictions of Obama.

Fuhre’s friend sends us an e mail to tell us that Fuhre is still being “harassed by the local community and media”.

“I’m hoping you can reach out and let his story be known to the general public, because he’s a good, strong patriot and a little outnumbered in this situation,” he writes.


One Response to “Houston Cops Handcuff, Assault Man For Posting Obama Joker Flyers”

  1. I know nothing about the poster of BH Omama.
    I do know it is against the law to affix or attach anything to a utility pole, city,state or federal sign pole or place any item on or within a public right of way.

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