Identity Theft Risk for National Guard Members

By Ann-Elise Henzl
August 6, 2009 | WUWM | Milwaukee, WI

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The theft of a laptop computer has endangered the personal information of more than 130,000 soldiers across the nation. In Wisconsin, 1,700 members of the National Guard are affected. 

The laptop was owned by an Army National Guard contractor. It contained names, Social Security numbers and other personal data. 

Maj. Jackie Guthrie says the Guard is informing affected soldiers, and urging them to take security measures. 

“That’s ensuring that you put fraud alerts out to your banks and report it to the credit card agencies, you’re more meticulous about watching your accounts, nothing different than any other individual would do if you lost your wallet,” Guthrie says. 

Guthrie says as far as she knows, no Guard members from Wisconsin have been the victims of identity theft, as a result of the stolen computer. 


If you think you may have been affected by this breach, or are concerned about Identity Theft, please log on to  or or you can call 1-866-510-7907 for more information on what you can do before you become a victim of identity theft.

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