Czechs acknowledge data breach at EU-US Summit

PRAGUE (AP) – The Czech government confirmed on Saturday that a computer file containing personal information about European Union

leaders was mishandled during the April 5 EU-U.S. summit in Prague.
The statement from the government, which currently holds the EU presidency, was reacting to a report earlier this week by the Finnish news agency STT. It said the private information was found by a Finn on a public computer in a Czech hotel after the summit.
The STT report said the information included passport numbers, flights, blood groups and allergies of some 200 EU-U.S. summit participants, including some prime ministers and presidents. But the report said the file did not include details about Americans attending the summit.

The Czech government said Saturday that unidentified details about the EU delegations were made available to the public «in a limited way» because of an «unintentional human error» but that the computer file had «no confidential information» and was removed from the computer where it was found.
The Czech statement called the STT report about the blunder «overstated,» but said steps will be taken to prevent such problems in the future.




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