Goldman Sachs hires law firm to shut blogger’s site

Goldman Sachs is attempting to shut down a dissident blogger who is extremely critical of the investment bank, its board members and its practices.


5 Responses to “Goldman Sachs hires law firm to shut blogger’s site”

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  2. People ask me who the beast in the Bible represents? Here is my answer! People who seek to destroy Palin’s reputation. This is an example of the evil Beast predicted within Bible prophecy of which I speak. The effort of combined evil minds to destroy Sarah because of her daughters pregnancy and her ex boy friend by deliberately creating negative headlines to put Sarah down within the public eye. People forget that this little twit is cashing in on a million dallars to go on talk shows to trash Sarah..He will say what ever makes him the most money!
    That evil effort demonstrates the monster of th ID hidden within these liberal peoples minds.
    This monster is unleashed within the minds of many human beasts, who then use their evil destructive power to the destroy some one good acting as an evil predator.
    The people in the media who set traps for good people like Sarah Palin within gotcha interviews are evident by their evil fruits.
    Such are motivated by a Satanic spirit to stop a good and honest people from gaining power above their imagined authority.
    Sarah was just too darn close to the presidency to risk it again. Satan builds his evil anti christ image into the minds of conspiring men and women like Katie on CBS news, then he uses their media influence to destroy the power of Godly people like Sarah Palin, or Mitt Romney, or even George Bush.
    People personally accept this beastly influence or mark (marketing)into their minds after its lie sets up a new home wthin their hearts, and executes such evil intentions through hidden masked motives.
    The mark of the beast is inside the forehead, as John states, enters into the human intellect, or human mind. Not “on the forehead”, but “inside the forehead.”Revelation 13-10.”

    I am trying to expose this monster to all christians because they do not yet see it. They think it is a computer implant to track people. This evil implant directed by the liberal media to influence millions of minds is destroying America by selling us out to socialism and causing us to accept and tolerate an evil conspiring leadership. It has already caused Americans to sell out our constitution and turn against any honest leadership..

    It gains its power by destroying the power of good and honest leaders. With the God of gold or money coming from trillion dallar bailouts they are selling out our constitution and creating a new god of gold.
    A Beast to worship and make sacrifices too. No man, either small or great, rich, bond or free, will be able to “buy nor sell without benefiting this beast, nor be involved in U.S. commerce unless he is marked to make personal sacrifices to build up this golden liberal God of our money borrowed through the efforts of our right handed works. Taxation without representation is a god of slavery. Even infants are marked to sacrifice unto this god of gold down through future generations with their right hands of labor. Remember Moses when they gathered the peoples gold and created a new god to worship? That is exactly what we are doing today in order to sell out Christ as America’s God for a new beast god of gold. We then have no choice but to make sacrifices to it. Remember the presidents statement. We are all make personal sacrifices for this!

    Please help me expose this monster to the whole world through my published book now available to the all on Amazon. com. Why? Christians think the beast is not come yet! Surprise, HE IS ALREADY HERE, AND HAS ALREADY MARKED ALL SMALL AND GREAT AND RICH AND POOR, FREE AND BOND EXACTLY AS JOHN PROMISED. In order to not to worship this beast, we must build up Christ again in its place by uniting christians to the truth.

    Why? Because this Beast is doing everything it can to prevent me from getting this information out to the world. If I could expose this hidden monster to the world, perhaps Sarah or someone like her, could be president in 4 years.
    Perhaps this information needs to reach the light of day before people will actually hear anything conservatives try to teach them. A spiritual approach rather than a political is needed badly. Watch the you tube movies on my sight. or click my picture above..

    www. eternaltruth.


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