Yet another problem with the 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

I know there are scores of people who still subscribe to this track of thinking despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary. How truly sad- truthwillrise

Diary Entry by Steven Leser

I was reading Karen Fish’s poll when I realized one of the problems with these theories::::::::

Let me preface this by saying, for those of you who do not know, that I lean rather strongly to the official government explanation of 9/11. I acknowledge some real deficiencies with that explanation, and I do not regard people who believe in the conspiracy theories as dumb or the tinfoil hat set (crazy). I simply view the conspiracy theories as several orders of magnitude worse and more deficient than the official explanation.

I was reading Karen Fish’s poll and the comments and I realized another issue with the conspiracy theories. For 9/11 to have been an act by our government, it would mean the entire US Intelligence Apparatus would have to be involved. That means CIA, NSA, Military Intelligence, etc. It would also be hard not to have the FBI involved. If this were a conspiracy, an FBI investigation would lead to too many unanswered questions. If the FBI is involved, that would mean the entire justice department were involved. But lets concentrate on just the intelligence agencies for now.

I realize that much of the progressive left views anyone in an intelligence agency as evil and corrupt, but I know better. I knew people in Air Force intelligence when I was a blue suiter and they were not evil or corrupt. In the CIA, we have the example of Valerie Plame as a whistleblower completely willing to do what is necessary to ensure the truth emerged about the decisionmaking to go to war in Iraq. There are a LOT of good and principled people in the intelligence agencies. But you dont even have to believe that.

To believe the 9/11 conspiracy theories, you would have to believe ALL, and I mean ALL of the people in these agencies would have to be in on it.

This is too bizarre of an idea to even contemplate. But it gets worse.

If we look to examples in the past of intelligence agencies that were corrupt and evil, such as the STASI and German SS, and then imagine what the STASI and SS would do in the aftermath of such an act, you see incongruencies with what we have now. I’ll explain what I mean.

If you lived in East Germany during the reign of the STASI, or in Germany during the Nazi era, if you voiced an idea that was subversive to the government, you had a good chance of ending up in a prison or camp. If it was a REALLY dangerous idea/comment in the view of the government, you would likely end up dead or “disappeared”. Latin American intelligence agencies serving corrupt governments had a tendency to “disappear” people who were considered subversive. For even suggesting that people who believe in the 9/11 theories to not be crazy, as I have, would probably have been enough.

So, those of you saying that the government and intelligence agencies were behind 9/11, how do you account that the government would do this, and leave all of us around to discuss it afterwards without any harassment or worse? You are arguing that these agencies have no problem with killing thousands of Americans and deceiving all of the rest. Why have they stopped there? I dont know how you account for that.

Put yourself into the mind of the leader of an intelligence agency that was part of a corrupt government that has perpetrated something like 9/11. Why would you not disappear M, Walter Whitten, Rob Kall, and any other people trying to spread the word about this. None of us have any real visibility. There would be no media outcry if any or all of us suddenly disappeared. Why, in the opinion of those of you who believe these theories, have they not “dissappeared” us?



An OEN Editor, Steven Leser specializes in Politics, Science & Health, and Entertainment topics. He has held positions within the Democratic Party including District Chair and Public Relations Chair within county organizations.

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