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White House helicopter data found on Iranian computer

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Mon, Mar 02 20:58 PM EST

By Andrea Shalal-Esa

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Engineering documents about one of two types of helicopters in the U.S. presidential fleet were found on a computer in Iran after they were inadvertently disclosed by an American defense industry executive last year, according to a cybersecurity company.

The defense contractor and the U.S. government are investigating the incident, said Keith Tagliaferri, director of operations at Tiversa, a Pennsylvania-based company that monitors data breaches linked to peer-to-peer file sharing.

Tagliaferri declined to name the U.S. contractor or give any information about the identity of the Iranian computer where the file was found on February 25.

Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said the government was notified about the data disclosure last summer and fully investigated it. He stressed the data was not classified and involved the VH-60 helicopter built by Sikorsky Aircraft Corp, a unit of United Technologies Corp.

The VH-60 is used to carry White House staff and guests, not the president. A larger Sikorsky helicopter, the V-3, is the model used for the president.

“The information should not have been released, but it did not involve any helicopters that transport the president,” Morrell said. The presidential helicopters are operated by the Marine Corps, a part of the Navy.

President Barack Obama has expressed grave concern about cybersecurity issues, and has ordered a 60-day review of computer security efforts across the federal government.

Tiversa said it notified the Bethesda, Maryland-based company responsible immediately after the data breach was discovered, and the company alerted the U.S. government.

Navy spokesman Lt. Clay Doss said an internal review conducted in June 2008 found that all the documents were marked either unclassified or “for official government use only,” but they were relatively dated and “not particularly sensitive.”

He said cost data in the documents, part of a cockpit upgrade for the current fleet of VH-60N helicopters, would have a minor impact on future contract awards. The documents did not include critical technical data and the risk of someone using the data to harm the helicopters was “very low,” he said.

The findings were provided to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and the Defense Security Service for appropriate action, he said, declining comment to name the company involved or whether any charges were filed.

The data breach did not involve the new generation of presidential helicopter being developed by Lockheed Martin Corp, which is also based in Bethesda, Maryland. That VH-71 helicopter project, which is more than 50 percent over budget, was singled out by President Barack Obama last week as an example of the Pentagon’s procurement process “gone amok”.

Lockheed spokesman Troy Scully said the company was not responsible for the data breach.

Connecticut-based Sikorsky said it was investigating the incident and declined further comment. Doss said Sikorsky was not the source of the data breach.

Tagliaferri said the employee was a high-level executive, but the breach took place outside the company’s offices, indicating the executive may have had the helicopter data on a home or personal computer that was also used to share music or movies. The disclosure was likely unintentional, he said.

The file was found on an Iranian computer on February 25.

He said the U.S. defense contractor was not a Tiversa customer, which meant his company had not noticed the data breach until some time after it occurred.

Tiversa downloads more than 100,000 files a day that are inadvertently disclosed through peer-to-peer music and movie sharing software, which give users around the world direct access to another person’s computer. The files can include Social Security numbers, payroll data, tax returns and many other sensitive documents, Tagliaferri said.

“This is like a stolen laptop times a million,” Tagliaferri said. Data breaches through file-sharing networks are becoming more common as more people share electronic versions of movies and music, he said, and hackers and criminals are becoming more savvy in pinpointing such files.

Obama to have “getting-to-know-you” meeting with Queen Elizabeth

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The Sun
March 6, 2009

The Queen is to give Barack Obama a private “getting-to-know-you” audience next month.

Her Majesty will meet the new US President in advance of an economic summit in London.


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The private meeting is highly unusual because Mr Obama will not be on a State visit.


But advisers believe it is important the Queen — who opened an interchange in Hull yesterday — meets him before any official trip.

A source said: “There is a wish to do these things as discreetly as possible in the first instance.”

President Obama, famed for his Yes We Can slogan, will fly with wife Michelle on Air Force One to Stansted, Essex.

The private talks will be held the next day at Buckingham Palace.

Mr Obama will then join the G20 leaders for a Downing Street dinner on the eve of the summit on April 2.

Last night it emerged he gave Gordon Brown 25 top US movies as a gift after talks in the US.

Mr Brown’s wife Sarah gave Mr Obama’s two daughters Topshop outfits. And the First Lady gave Mr Brown’s two boys toy helicopters.

Fox Admits To Planting Political Brainwashing In Popular TV Shows

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Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, March 6, 2009

Fox Admits To Planting Political Brainwashing In Popular TV Shows 060309top

Rupert Murdoch’s Twentieth Century Fox corporation has admitted to planting political brainwashing within its globally popular TV shows and indeed boasts that it is proud of the fact.

A corporate video currently being showcased on another part of Murdoch’s media empire,, shows Fox executives and stars of its universally recognized shows bragging about how they use the platform of hit shows that are broadcast globally to implant messages about the supposed threat of global warming.

This is not the first time Fox have been enthusiastic in propagandizing for the establishment. In 2003, Rupert Murdoch himself admitted that the corporation had “tried” to help the Bush administration sell the war in Iraq.

The text accompanying the video states, “In 2006, News Corp. embarked upon a company wide initiative to reduce the size of its carbon footprint.”

The means by which this “initiative” was carried out is then made clear by a plethora of clips from Fox’s most popular shows – the Simpsons, King of the Hill, Family Guy, Prison Break – which are all loaded with messages about global warming and the need to do something about it.

“What could we do on a practical level to start making a difference,” asks one executive before another answers, “The biggest thing we’ve done is inserting messages about the environment into some of our content.”

In other words, Fox has embarked on a deliberate campaign, which could only have been done with the coordination of the script writers of each program, to force people to accept the pseudo-science of global warming by brainwashing them into accepting it as a reality. This has been achieved by weaving in messages about climate change and having popular characters in the TV shows embrace specific tenants of the global warming manifesto.

“The most powerful way we could communicate the commitment on behalf of our company, was to change the practices within the production, as well as work in a message about global warming, about environmental changes, about empowering people to take responsibilities,” states Fox chairman Dana Walden.

We’re also treated to the vomit-inducing sight of Kiefer Sutherland, who plays the torture loving Jack Bauer in 24, sounding about as genuine as a 3 dollar bill reading off a teleprompter about how Fox is committed to reducing its “carbon footprint”.


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This again goes to show that the acceptance of global warming as a reality by the general public is not being accomplished as an organic reaction to scientifically proven threats, but by propagandists artificially piggy-backing the climate mantra on the back of fictional TV shows passively absorbed by people in their millions.


This is key because of the process that people’s brains undergo when they are watching television. Political messages implanted in fictional television programs will always enjoy a receptive audience.

According to an Associated Content article, “Studies have shown that watching television induces low alpha waves in the human brain. Alpha waves are brainwaves between 8 to 12 HZ. and are commonly associated with relaxed meditative states as well as brain states associated with suggestibility.”

Experiments have shown that less than one minute after the viewer begins to watch television, the brain switches from Beta level consciousness, associated with active and logical thought, to Alpha level, which is associated with passive acceptance and suggestibility. This is why advertisers spend billions a year on commercials as well as product placement within TV shows themselves.

The scale of what Fox is admitting to here is staggering, and the fact that they even boast about what they are doing beggars belief. As Darryl Mason sardonically comments, “I never realised just how much I’d learned about the dire threats of global warming-induced climate change simply by watching immensely, globally popular Murdoch/Fox entertainments like The Simpsons and 24.”

Millions of people not just in America but globally are being educated, or should I say re-educated, about the highly complex and highly debatable topic of global warming, not through a reasoned public debate between advocates and skeptics, but through fictional cartoons, comedies and drama shows produced by a monolithic corporation that has its tentacles deeply embedded into the same establishment that is trying to sell global warming in order to introduce a CO2 tax and regulate people’s lives.

Watch the corporate video below.