Yes We Can!

Yes We Can!

Winston Smith
for The Corbett Report

31 January, 2009

Yes we can make you believe in anything we want

Yes we can lie incessantly through the unquestioning media

Yes we can brainwash your minds with propaganda

Yes we can make you unemployed

Yes we can destroy your lives, your families and your futures

Yes we can repossess your homes

Yes we can steal your money and give it to the ‘fat cats’

Yes we can make you live in a constant state of fear

Yes we can erode your quality of life

Yes we can suck you dry

Yes we can systematically attack your civil liberties

Yes we can give most of our foreign aid to Israel

Yes we can sit on our hands while Palestine is bombed disproportionately

Yes we can criss-cross the skies with chemtrails

Yes we can spy on you from every street corner

Yes we can dismantle your privacy

Yes we can pollute your rivers, lakes and oceans with plastics and chemicals

Yes we can make you believe and feel responsible for the global warming myth

Yes we can meet secretly every year at a Bilderberg conference

Yes we can make you bend to the will of the New World Order

Yes we can fly planes into the World Trade Centre sacrificing thousands of innocent people

Yes we can galvanize public support into accepting any war we wish to perpetrate

Yes we can make murders look like accidents or suicides

Yes we can make you dance to our insane tune

Yes we can make you believe that Al Qaeda really exists

Yes we can bring to extinction a vast number of species

Yes we can genetically modify your food, threatening wildlife and biodiversity

Yes we can assassinate those who spout ideas of love and peace

Yes we can detain people indefinitely without charge and without trial

Yes we can turn the masses into gormless sheep

Yes we can make you work mundane jobs for little reward

Yes we can make this world a living hell

Yes we can have Osama Bin Laden as a ‘poster-boy’ for terrorism

Yes we can invade Iraq and surprisingly not find any weapons of mass destruction

Yes we can worship a giant stone owl at Bohemian Grove

Yes we can obfuscate the truth of human history

Yes we can limit the true nature of human potential

Yes we can run the global economy into the ground

Yes we can saddle the third world with an insurmountable debt

Yes we can enforce biometrics on an unsuspecting public

Yes we can VeriChip your children

Yes we can overload a child’s immunity with vaccinations

Yes we can perpetuate the glorification of war

Yes we can make people follow murderous megalomaniacs in times of depression

Yes we can dumb you down

Yes we can stifle your free speech

Yes we can rig elections

Yes we can have two-sides of the same political coin

Yes we can divide you by class, culture, language, race and religion

Yes we can hypnotize you into accepting this reality, this façade you call life

Yes we can have no place for common sense

Yes we can keep you in a perpetual sleep

Yes we can make a lot of money from war, oil and opium

Yes we can make countries by simply drawing lines on a middle-eastern map

Yes we can remove democratically elected leaders by force

Yes we can live by double standards and hypocrisy

Yes we can smuggle cocaine

Yes we can rape and murder our MK-Ultra sex slaves

Yes we can spend billions of dollars on defence while your infrastructure crumble

Yes we can play the HAARP to shake you up

Yes we can insert our symbology into your popular culture

Yes we can hide the truth in plain sight

Yes we can make you worship a false concept of God

Yes we cannot have you understand the true nature of infinite consciousness

Yes we can have you study a false conceptualisation of the universe

Yes we can make you obsessed with the materialistic and the superficial

Yes we can make you blind and ignorant

Yes we can detonate nuclear weapons on your beautiful blue planet

Yes we can fill your skyline with bland, soul-sapping architecture

Yes we can make you suffer whenever we wish

Yes we can kidnap and torture you

Yes we can kill you in the millions

Yes we can distract your mind with the trivial

Yes we can distort your priorities in life

Yes we can make shallow one-dimensional system servers

Yes we can have the pretentious oozing their stench of self importance

Yes we can have sycophantic lapdogs licking at our heels

Yes we can take ourselves far too seriously

Yes we can turn this world into a global fascist police state

Yes we can take away your freedom

Yes we can treat peaceful protesters with a heavy hand

Yes we can put our lackeys in uniform

Yes we can enslave the human race

Yes we can make you just a number

Yes we can have the ‘thought police’ repress open-discussion

Yes we can hammer down the nail that sticks out

Yes we can hide the real criminals within the establishment

Yes we can make you accept a global currency

Yes we can use ‘false flags’ to kick-start our agenda

Yes we can deem any given human behaviour as illegal

Yes we can have the soulless and the greedy rise to the top

Yes we can vilify those who have alternative viewpoints and/or lifestyles

Yes we can have you ruled by insanity

Yes we can question reason and justify madness

Yes we can dismiss criticism with a supercilious grin

Yes we can make you subservient to hierarchy

Yes we can impose the will of the few over the many

Yes we can hide in the Shadows

Yes we can make you like dogs, chasing your own tails

Yes we can do what we want

Yes we can!

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