by Brandon King

There is much going on in the world. Planned financial crashes, orchestrated wars, rogue governments worldwide, just to name a few. If you have been doing your homework, this statement comes as no suprise to you, however the average person may have no idea what is truly happening in the world around them. I have have posted on a sample of it here on this blog from people far more astute in these affairs than I , as well as some of my own writings. People have been exposing these issues for longer than the breath of life has been in me with it falling on dead ears for the most part. The time for that MUST come to an end.

We are in dangerous times; there is no debating that. People need to understand that. We have to get out of this matrix and realize there is more to the world than meets the eye. There are nefarious forces working counter to the interests of most of the people of this planet and they have been at it for a long time. Why do you think governments continue to do what they want despite the will of the people? Why are we in seemingly endless wars? Why are economies worldwide on the verge of collapse and thousands lose their jobs every week? Why with all the technology available, diseases like cancer are on the rise and afflicting people at younger age than ever? Do we really think these things are occuring by mere happenstance? It is time for people to put on their adult hats and confront the real truth.

The real truth that every major war this nation has been in WWI, WWII,Vietnam,the 1st Gulf War and the current invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan was planned well in advance to further the agenda of those who truly weild the power in this country.

The burning of the German Reichstag building, the blowing up of the USS Maine, the Oklahoma City bombing, the bombing of the WTC in 1993, the attacks of 9/11/2001,and the7/7 bombings in London are just a few examples of false flag inside job attacks perpetrated by governments against their people to further a sick agenda. The evidence in all these cases is overwhelming of government involvement and subsequent cover-up.

Our banking system really a ponzi scheme based on smoke and mirrors designed to shift wealth from the people to the elite. Our monetary system is now unsound and used as a tool against the Republic of the U.S. and it’s people.

The very food we eat and products we use daily is killing us . Loaded with chemicals and now even genteically modified, we are literally digging our grave with our silverware. Even our water has been contaminated with wonderful things like sodium fluoride which does not help your teeth but in fact dumbs you down; do your homework. Everything from lotions to hair care products has ingredients that are harmful to us and these corporations are permitted and in some cases encouraged to do this. If you are doubting this, read the back of your tube of toothpaste, for example, and investigate the ingredients and I think you will be amazed at what you find. If you cannot pronounce, you may not want to eat it and if would hurt you to eat it, then why would you put it on your body?

I would prefer not to have to write these things as they are unpleasant to write about. However that does not take away from their truthfulness. You can choose not to believe in gravity but step off the Sears Tower and you will hit the ground despite your belief; it is the same with this information. Look for yourself and do your own research.

With that being said, the question when will the masses join us in fighting this tyranny. What more will it take? How many more children must die of cancer before we stand up? How many more must die in these needless wars that are lining the pockets of defense contractors and international bankers? How many more people will have to lose their jobs and how much weaker will our dollar have to get before we demand a change in our monetary policy and a return to sound money?  How long will we allow our government to ignore our wishes? When I ask? When will these things become more important than ball games and entertainment? What will it take? Perhaps it has not hit close enough to home yet. Must someone close to us die of cancer needlessly or in these ridiculous wars? Will us ourselves or someone we know lose their jobs or pension or retirement fund? Will it have to be your job or your pension fund cut or someone close to you dying prematurely from a chemical induced disease for you to finally give a damn? This is a call to all people. When will enough be enough?


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