Officer Jack Boot Rants About FEMA Camps


January 29, 2009

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2 Responses to “Officer Jack Boot Rants About FEMA Camps”

  1. NWO & FEMA camps Says:

    I’ve only recently heard about these FEMA camps. I have believed for quite some time that this country is in the S*** tube. What should an ordinary citizen do at this point? I don’t understand how this has happened without the entire nation knowing about it. Searching the subject shows so much info it is frightening! Is it time to really arm ourselves? Is it time to stockpile foods?

  2. I was quite disturbed when I first came across this information. I have the army documents that outline the plans; I have posted on here . It’s titled,”Civilian Labor Inmate Camps”
    The reAson why most people aren’t aware of this incidious operation is because it has been run in secret and the corporate controlled media is not going to tell us. We aren’t told what we are not supposed to know. They are rolling this thing out now under the pretext of protecting the people in the event of some sort of disaster. A disaster that will be manufactured by the power elite.
    As far as the guns and the food, I would get somethings in place just in case. That is not a bad idea at all.

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