Why Your Money is Worthless

Why is our nation in financial peril? Why are the people of this nation working more for less money and are sinking deeper in debt? Most people attribute it merely to the economy or the government, complain and leave it at that; they fail to realize how the banking and monetary system works and how that affects them.


The vast majority of the people do not understand how money works. They believe that it is backed by gold or silver and that is what gives the money its value. In reality money has not been backed by anything since 1971 when then President Richard Nixon announced that the U.S. Dollar would no longer be redeemable for gold.  Prior to that point, particularly before 1933 the dollar was redeemable for gold. Now what we have is a fiat currency, which is money, backed by absolutely nothing.


Originally paper money was used as a receipt for gold. People used to take their gold to the goldsmiths for safekeeping in their vaults for a fee. The depositor would get a receipt, which allowed them to come back and collect their gold. The goldsmiths soon began to realize the vast majority never came back to reclaim their gold, so they began to loan it out to others for a small fee. However they would loan out many times more gold that they had in their vaults and this brought them large profits; this was the origin of the fractional reserve banking system.


Fractional reserve banking allows banks to loan out more than what they have in actual deposits. The reserve requirement determines how much they have to keep in reserve and through that, how much they can loan out.  For example if a bank has $100,000 in deposits, and if the reserve requirement is 10%, they can loan out up to $90,000. This fraudulent system has allowed the banking system to reap massive profits and it is the only industry that is permitted to do this; no other business is allowed to legally loan out more than what they have and do it for profit. In short the banks loan out money that does not exist and then charge interest on it and demand real collateral on that non-existent money.


The apex of the banking system in the United States is the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the country. A central bank is the bank that manages monetary policies for a nation. Central banking has been around since the 1600’s with the establishing of the Bank of England in 1694. Central banking was brought to the United States with the passing of the Federal Reserve act on December 22, 1913, when most members of the Congress were home for the holidays. The Federal Reserve System was hatched at a secret meeting in 1910 at a resort on Jekyll Island of the coast of Georgia. Seven men, who were aligned with international bankers, over the course of nine days, hashed out the Federal Reserve System.


Most people think the Federal Reserve is a government agency; nothing could be further from the truth. The Federal Reserve is a quasi-private, run for profit corporation. It is in fact a cartel. If you do not believe this, I challenge you to go to your phone book and look up the Federal Reserve; it will not be listed in the government section, but will be listed in the white pages along with other privately owned businesses. The “federal “part of the name was given to the entity in order to make the public think it was part of the government. That is one of many scams associated with the Federal Reserve. It was sold to the people as a lender of last resort and a stabilizing force of the economy and to say is has performed poorly at this aim is being kind. Since its insidious implementation, the economy has been less stable than ever. It has overseen (and caused) the 1921 and 1929 stock market crashes, the Great Depression, and numerous recessions including the one we are in right now.


It is common belief money comes from the government or the Federal Reserve gives it to the government. In actuality, the private Federal Reserve loans it to the government at interest. This places the government and thus the people and the nation in immediate debt. This is why national, business, and consumer debt has risen since the Fed came into being; we have a debt based monetary system. They are responsible for this nation being taken off the gold standard. Having a currency backed by real assets like gold or silver limits how much money you can print. The move away form the gold standard has allowed the Fed to literally print money out of thin air. Since there is nothing backing the currency, the only thing that gives it value is the amount of it in circulation. The increase of the money in circulation coupled with nothing backing the currency has caused a constant devaluing of our money. A dollar today has lost over 90% of its buying power from that of the early 1900’s. The devaluing dollar is why it now takes at least two, and in many cases more, incomes just to make ends meet. The government likes this system because it allows them access to nearly unlimited funds without having to raise taxes.


The Federal Reserve System is also responsible for the business cycle. In order make more money and credit available the Fed buys government securities. To deflate, that is to make money and credit less available, the Fed sells government securities. This process, which happens solely at the Fed’s discretion, is the prime cause for the booms and subsequent busts that mars the track record of the Federal Reserve. 


Another fraud pulled on the American people was the implementation of the income tax. This unconstitutional statute, (which is not on the books and strangely the IRS refuses to show the law) which “requires” Americans to pay a direct unapportioned tax on their labor was allegedly given to us through the 16th Amendment, which was not even ratified. If you do not believe me, you can consult with Supreme Court, who has ruled against the constitutionality of income tax in cases dating back to 1894 and also ruled in cases such as Stanton v. Baltic Mining and many, many others that the 16th Amendment did not give the government any new taxation powers. To put it simply, the Supreme Court ruling stated the income tax is unconstitutional and the 16th amendment did not empower the government for this tax; the government did not get it then and they still do not have the power now. For the people who question how would government be funded, understand that the income tax DOES NOT go to any of the services that people expect from government, i.e. things like roads, defense, education, etc. 100% of the money collected from the illegal income tax goes to pay interest on the national debt. Who are we indebted to you ask? It goes to the Federal Reserve and the international bankers who own it. So in short, the income taxes in pure profit for these bankers!


Along with the income tax, we have also had the Internal Revenue Service, the collection arm of the Federal Reserve System, thrust upon us. This evil agency acts essentially as the enforcer for the Fed as they take people’s assets if people don’t pay up. That is totalitarian to say the least and it is essentially what a bully or the mob does.


The implementation of the Federal Reserve has allowed international bankers, families like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Harrimans, Schiffs, Warburgs, and the Morgans, just to name a few, to sink their claws into the United States not only financially but politically as well. That was only a step in a plan that has been in the works for a very long time. The immense wealth of those who own Fed and other central banks has quite literally allowed them to buy our government. Through agents, foundations, and corporations they make massive contributions to politicians and through that are able to get their agendas accomplished. Right now the United States is just another country under the control of these international bankers. These international bankers, the “money changers” as James Madison called them, seek to set up a global government by and for the bankers in which they track and control everyone on the planet.


These things are not pleasant to think about or write, but we can and must stop this from happening. The first step is reading things like this and getting informed and spreading the truth out to others. We must seek to end the Federal Reserve System in the United States and restore sound money and banking to our nation. The population must be educated that our currency, as it is now, is backed by nothing and our fractional reserve banking system is fraudulent. The illegal income tax must be abolished, as the bankers have made enough money of f the sweat, ignorance and fear of the American people for far too long. Getting rid of these evils will put more money back in the pockets of the people of this nation and allow them to raise their standard of living for them and their families.


 The Executive Order 11110 signed by President John F. Kennedy restored to the United States government the authority to issue its own silver backed currency. This returned us to real currency and would have ended the need for Federal Reserve Notes (FRN’s). This would have ended the Fed’s monopoly over the money system of this Republic. Though President Kennedy was assassinated five months after the signing of this Order, it still stands valid and unrepealed. If it were re-enacted, it would place us on sound financial footing once more.


Rep. Ron Paul of Texas has sponsored H.R. 2755, the Federal Reserve Abolition Act, which abolishes the Federal Reserve. This piece of legislation, like most legislation that actually helps the people, has not been passed nor has it gotten much coverage from the mainstream media. I encourage you to go read the bill and then contact your congressional officials and tell them to support this bill and if they refuse, vote them out.


We can no longer sit on the sidelines and let these frauds continue to be perpetuated on us.The only reason is because we allow it to go on. Through our ignorance, we participate in this game and play an active role in our enslavement. If we as a people say no and refuse to take part in this farce, the entire construct the bankers and our corrupt politicians have constructed will fall like a house of cards. That time of ignorance has come to an end. Do not play their game anymore! The time to break the stranglehold the Fed and its owners have over this nation is at hand. The people must be given their monetary and banking system back. We as a people and the nation will be much better off without the Federal Reserve System. It does not need to exist and it has allowed the wealth of this Republic to be transferred from the people to international bankers. It has turned our dollar into worthless monopoly money, and has corrupted our political system. We must stand up and abolish this evil system. We not only owe it to ourselves, but to our posterity as well.


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