Pre-Paid Legal Services Offers Clients Peace of Mind

Ken Goobie has introduced a membership plan for legal services aimed at the section of the population that occasionally needs legal services, but does not have a personal representative.

Goobie is an independent associate and small business and group benefits specialist with the Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc. of Oklahoma and its Canadian subsidiary, PPL Legal Care of Canada Corporation.

“Most people have health insurance, life insurance, auto insurance and property insurance,” Goobie explains, “but they do not know enough about legal matters to protect themselves when the need arises. Many ordinary citizens do not have a legal plan, and when confronted with a legal matter must hire a lawyer, which can be expensive, or apply for Legal Aid, but that can be a slow process.

“Our plan is aimed at the 80% of honest citizens who sometimes need legal answers or protection in such matters as signing a contract or correcting an inaccurate credit report. We have more than 1.5 million members who pay a nominal monthly fee and receive such legal services as unlimited phone advice, will preparation, debt collection assistance, warranty assistance, small claims court advice and access to a lawyer for arrest or detainment.”

In Ontario the plan’s legal representative is the Toronto firm of Mills & Mills. Goobie also noted, “there is the whole question of identity theft which has been called ‘the fastest growing crime of the 21st century.’

“Our plan provides an identity theft shield, which alerts the member to unlawful account activity, and repairs damaged credit history. It is a plan for legal protection in so many ways. It is an affordable family plan that has been providing protection and peace of mind to its members for over 30 years.”

For more information about the Pre-Paid Legal Membership you can log on to or call Brandon King at



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