We the People

On January 20,2009 thousands of people will flock to Washington D.C., and millions more will watch on television, to see the swearing in of the newest front man for the New World Order,aka the President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama. It has been packaged to the people as an historic event and I suppose it is, but what I find sad and troubling is people believe things will dramatically improve on January 21. I have had several people tell me their government is going to start working for them on the 21st. What is the basis of this flawed thought process? It most certainly is not rooted in policy, but this asleep at the wheel thinking is endicative of the shift in this nation.
At the founding of this republic it was intrinsic to the people that they were soverieign and government was at their command. The Constitution also bears this out. It is ultimately We the People , not the government, who are responsible for our freedoms. It is with the people power lies, and where the government draws its power. Somewhere along the line, we have forgotten that and because of that, we have went from free people with rights to subjects of an all powerful central government that extends us “privileges”. This is not how our country was intended to be run. We were warned in the past of the dangers allowing the government to become too powerful. If we are waiting for the government to swoop in and solve our problems, we are being dillusional; it is up to We the People to do that on our own and we can do that far better than the government. The fate of this republic rests in our hands and we can get this nation back on track.


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