Bringing Back the Real Economy

I was watching the puppet-elect speak recently and I was disgusted by I heard. He was speaking on the economy and Mr. Obama, like most of these puppet politicians,played to the fears of the American people by telling us how bad it is and will get worse(as if we are not already aware of that). We have heard about the puppet-elect’s pledge to create up to three million new jobs through a massive public works campaign that is designed to bring our teetring economy back from the brink of collapse. This program has been compared to the New Deal,but it is vital to point out that the New Deal did not bring the U.S. out of the depression; the second planned World War was responsible for that.

The bailout/banker takeover bill and all the other proposed stimulus packages and bailouts are not conceived or executed with the best interests of this republic or its people in mind. They are furthering eroding our currency and economy and compounding our economic straits. The original $850 billion banker bailout/takeover bill(which is actually closer to $8.5 trillion) has not even gone to the purpose for which it was initially requested. Rather than use it to acquire troubled assets, i.e. the mortgages, they have been used to purchase solvent banks and insurance companies which has further consolidated power and money into fewer and fewer hands. The ultimate loser in this equation is the American people.

None of these so called “solutions” are real answers to our economic problems; they are little more than band aids over a gaping wound and they have allowed unscrupulous people to line their pockets. While Americans are losing their jobs, execs of companies that received bailout funds go on junkets and get bonuses. The real and necessary solution of cutting the head off the beast, the Federal Reserve System, something that has been unraveling this nation since its deceptive inception in 1913. This private corporation, is NOT a government agency, has placed the yoke of perpetual debt on this republic and its people because it does not print our money it loans it to the government at interest. Our money is worth only about 1/20 of what it was in the early 1900’s as we were taken off the gold standard on 1933 and now have a fiat currency, money backed by nothing. Enacting Executive Order 11110 , which was signed by President John Kennedy( it was one of the reasons for his assassination), restores us to a constitutional monetary system and abolishes the Federal Reserve System,or passing Rep. Ron Paul’s HR 2755 which also would end the Fed are steps in the right direction as that would help to break the grip the”money changers” have on our nation and most others in the world.

We also need to get back to actually making things in this country. Jobs have been allowed to leave this nation because of “free trade” agreements like the North American Free Trade Agreement(NAFTA),which is something we need not be in. Bringing these jobs back to the U.S. will get the economy moving as it will get people working again and it will restore the nation as a producer once more.


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