The Opportunity of A Lifetime

If you are old enough, you can recall a time where auto, life, and health insurance were unheard of. They are all common; health insurance is now something people steal, and auto insurance is mandated by law. There was a time where the fax machine was a hard sell, now it is an integral part of any office or business. There was a time where only the well off could afford cellular phones; now it seems everyone from eight to one hundred eight has a cell phone. All of these products went from new, and often vigorously opposed abs ridiculed, to self evident and mainstream. There were great fortunes made in all of those industries for those who got involved on the front end of those trends where the opportunity was. It is highly likely that most of you reading this missed the opportunity in all those areas but we have another golden opportunity before us.
There are two major problems in the United States, the fastest growing crime in the nation,Identity Theft and access to the Legal system. You cannot turn on a television, open a newspaper or a magazine without encountering the subject of identity theft. A google search of the subject nets you millions of results. There are over 20,000 victims of this crime DAILY! The FTC has said that ,on average, it takes victims 600 hours and thousands of dollars to clear up the issue. Identity theft is expanding and has surpassed the illegal drug trade in terms of criminal revenue producing activities as it is a $59 billion enterprise. As bad as that is, it is predicted that identity theft will expand 20 fold over the next 12-24 months.
Most people simply cannot afford to access our Legal system. The average cost of an attorney is nearly $200/hour, which far exceeds what most people make. The need for people to access attorneys has never been greater. Everything we do is encompassed by laws and we all encounter legal situations on a daily basis. We sign contracts , we get speeding tickets, people are getting sued, most people do not have Wills. These are just a few of the situations people encounter everyday and having that access would be of great benefit to all people. Tying this back to Identity theft, in over 70% of cases victims needed access to Counsel.
Both of these needs are now self evident; there are mainstream news about the Legal system and Identity Theft everyday and there are laws passed at the state and federal levels to address id theft.
We may never see another opportunity like this in our lifetime. There is the chance to position yourself in front of a tsunami, the wave can take you financial freedom for yourself and generations yet unborn. We missed those afformentioned trends but this time we are in the right place at the right time. Just like in those past shifts, most people will not take advantage of this prime opportunity; however those that did then and those that do right now can reap tremendous financial rewards. I believe that this information has found you for a reason and I certainly hope that you are one of those people. If you are serious about positioning yourself in front of this coming wave, log on to any of these websites:


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