The War On You

In the past few years, we as a nation have declared war on many things (and countries). We have wars on drugs, illiteracy, poverty, and most recently terror, just to name a few. It appears as none of them are being waged successfully ; drugs are a nearly $60 billion a year criminal industry, the illiteracy rate continues to rise, the poverty rate is climbing and the biggest and real terrorists do not live in caves, they wear suits and they are still at large. There is at least one more war going on. It is undeclared and it has been going on for more than 40 years. It’s maticulously planned , being waged everyday on multiple fronts and the objective is control. It is difficult to fathom that a war could be fought for over 40 years on multiple fronts and not be common knowledge but this is precisely the case. The reason for this is we, the people of the United States of America, are the target and we are constantly under assault. Over the past several decades we have seen our civil liberties and Constitution eroded, been subjected to our government doing what they wish despite the wishes of the people, victimized by multiple false flag attacks and promulgated which have resulted in many thousands of needless deaths. We under attack via our now genetically modified foods which are causing everything from infertility to cancer and our water has pleasant things like fluoride which ,contrary to what we have been told , does not benefit teeth at all. There are many studies that prove this but we are not told that because we are not supposed to know that. We are attacked medically through our vaccines that contain Mercury, for starters, and other poisons. The drugs that are on the markets that cause more problems than the ailment(s) it is allegedly treating! Somehow these drugs are on the market with the blessing of the FDA.
We are exposed to all sorts of chemical from spices ranging from chemical trails, which are sprayed from airplanes with the purpose of poisoning us, to the products we use and the clothes we wear. We use all sorts of products daily that contain ingredients whose names most of us cannot pronounce. Aside from those things , there is aluminum in things like deodorant, which is absolutely bad for the human body. Check the ingredients of your shampoos, body washes and toothpastes, and you will see an ingredient called sodium laurel sulfate and/or sodium laureth sulfate. This known skin irritant, which is responsible for the foamy bubbles, causes many health problems and is unsafe for children. This is just one example of the many harmful substances that are in products we use everyday.
Understand there are concerted efforts against the people of the United States,(and the world for that matter). They are well planned and organized and often hidden in plain site. The first step to overcoming these attacks is knowledge because what you do not know can kill you.


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