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Be Your Best You Today!

Posted in Business, General on December 1, 2008 by truthwillrise

We are conditioned for failure or to expect not to have enough and most of the time we do not even realize it. To illustrate my point, I will sumarize a conversation I have had many times with friends and other people I know. They will complain about some aspect of their job and I will jokingly say to them that is why they are paid those mega bucks. Everytime, without exception, they let me know that their income from their job is not where they want it to be. I ask them if they are not happy with that aspect, go find where the “big bucks” are being paid or do something different so that will not be a problem. To that end I am usually met with shrugs as if they are acknowledging defeat and that blows me away. There is more out there than what we accept. We are built for success in life, but it seems that somewhere along the line we learn to accept not realizing our potential. We blame familial responsibilities, time, age, and many other factors as hindurances to our dreams when those are the very reasons we should strive harder for our success.
It requires a change or a shift in thinking, and that is never easy; however, the pain of not making that change will be far greater I can assure you. You have too much talent and potential to not do anything to realize it. Your success will extend beyond you; you can be a blessing to many others and that is what life is really about. The time is now! Tomorrow is not promised to any of us so seize the day and start on your path to success! This is a great place to start: