WeAreChangeLA holds Schwarzenegger and Bloomberg accountable


WeAreChangeLA Holds Schwarzenegger and Bloomberg accountable

November 10, 2008

On October 15, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg appeared together in Los Angeles at a press conference to endorse CA Prop 11. The slogan of the campaign was “Time to Hold Politicians Accountable.” Stewart Howe and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel of WeAreChange L.A. attended the press conference to give it a go at doing just that.


During the brief Q+A part of the press conference, Jeremy was able to get a question in that spoke to the American people’s general distrust of and dissatisfaction with their public officials. Included in the question was an assertion that at least 50% of the people in Mayor Bloomberg’s city of New York think there is a serious cover-up of 9/11 and that the Mayor has apparently positioned himself against the 9/11 family members who still seek truth and justice and the first responders who deserve the same.

Mayor Bloomberg felt the need to to jump in and respond to the question after Governor Schwarzenegger gave his answer. However, he did not reject the assertions or explain himself on those accounts.

After the press conference was over, Stewart went right up to Governor Schwarzenegger and asked him to clear up the concerns that many people have over his strange appearance on the June 25, 2007 cover of Time Magazine with Mayor Bloomberg, in which he conspicuously showed a death-skull belt buckle. Given the fact that Schwarzenegger’s father was a Nazi SA (brownshirt) officer, that he openly expressed his admiration for Hitler as an inspirational leader in earlier years, posed doing the “Heil Hitler” salute, and spoke about dreaming of being a dictator during an interview with Rolling Stone, one would think that he would, especially as Governor of the most populous state in the country, want to clear up any misunderstandings around his odd sense of fashion. Although he talked about his sense of fashion and his love for “public service,” he did not clear it up.

Additionally, Time Magazine, which was founded by Skull and Bones member Henry Luce, has a deep connection to the beginnings of the CIA, which recruited and stewarded many Nazi spies, scientists and psychologists to safety after WWII in order to put them in service of the free world by folding them into the freshly-inked National Security State. So, there is alot of subtext here that Schwarzenegger felt no need to clear up.

At the same time Stewart was speaking to Schwarzenegger, Jeremy was asking Bloomberg whether he supported a new investigation of 9/11. Bloomberg said “It’s been investigated” as he walked on by. Jeremy then presented Schwarzenegger with a packet of information that is evidence of the ongoing treasonous cover-up of the 9/11 attacks. Under the laws of misprision of treason in this country, one is supposed to report treason to the president, judges or governors. Being that Jeremy has already given the information to judges, he felt it was important to give it to the Governor of his state. Now, Schwarzenegger, if he does nothing with the information, is liable to be held to account for misprision of treason at the very least.

Jeremy also asked Schwarzenegger if he supported a new investigation of 9/11 and he didn’t answer and instead thanked Jeremy for coming. Jeremy asked again and did not receive an answer and so decided to call after Schwarzenegger about his deathskull belt buckle.

Neither Schwarzenegger nor Bloomberg appear to be serious about being leaders and stepping up to accountability. Any old charismatic thug can be an authoritarian. It takes a serious leader to inspire thought and deep courage in the people while being accountable to their own shortcomings. But hey, these guys look to be more like criminals than leaders.

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