Daily Grind: A letter to OBAMA supporters


Daily Grind: A letter to OBAMA Supporters

Mon Nov 24, 2008 7:16 am (PST)

NL Commentary

Dear Obama supporters,

I write this letter with urgency and grave concern. In 2006, my gut
told me that nothing would happen if the Democrats were elected to the
House and Senate as a majority with the mission to provide a check to
the Bush Administration. Still I went to the polls and voted a
straight ticket for the Democratic Party. We all later watched in
horror as Nancy Pelosi uttered the words “impeachment is off of the
table,” soon after becoming Speaker of the House-elect. The next two
years were no better as the Dems broke key campaign promises in the
areas of ending torture, withdrawing the troops and restoring civil
liberties. In fact, during that time torture was depoliticized, so
was the war and the Big Brother grid intensified.

As you watch the nominations of the Obama Administration cabinet
designees, most your guts have to be telling you that something in
terribly wrong. I mean if you were looking to CHANGE the direction of
this country’s foreign policy, one would think that our next Secretary
of State (a role that acts as America’s TOP DIPLOMAT) would be someone
who didn’t originally support the Iraq war, correct? Instead, this
new administration selects one of the biggest Democratic Party war
hawks in Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton, who repeatedly said, during a
bitter Democratic primary campaign, that all options are open when it
comes to Iran (including pre-emptive nuclear strikes). Furthermore,
why Obama would recruit one of his most bitter rivals to serve in the
#3 post his administration is beyond me? It definitely brings a new
meaning to the phrase, ‘keep your friends close but your enemies
closer,’ doesn’t it?

Next you have a possible Bush holdover for Secretary of Defense in
Robert Gates. Why does the phrase, ‘Stay the Course’ immediately come
to mind? You are telling me the new administration is strongly
considering extending control to the person who is currently in charge
of the Pentagon. Obama is actually contemplating nominating a person
who is at present serving an administration that lied this country
into an illegal war? That’s CHANGE? I thought Obama said he would
pull us out of Iraq. Why keep the guy who has led the strategy to
keep us in Iraq, if you are serious about withdrawal?

Former Clinton Administration staffer Rahm Emanuel has been named
Chief of Staff designee. Emanuel is another war-hawk who voted for
the Iraq war and remains proud of it. The Attorney General nominee.
Eric Holder, was Deputy Attorney General under the Clinton
Administration. You might best recall that one of Holder’s final
duties as Acting Attorney General under Clinton in 2001, was executing
the highly controversial Presidential pardon Mark Rich. Rich was the
fugitive financier who fled to Switzerland in 1983, prior to being
indicted for tax evasion, fraud and participating in illegal oil deals
with Iran. As #2 at the Justice Department behind Janet Reno, Holder
and AG Reno were also involved in malfeasance related to the WACO and
Ruby Ridge murders.

Responsible for overseeing ALL of America’s borders will be Homeland
Security Secretary nominee, Janet Napolitano. As Governor of Arizona
she has done NOTHING to enhance the borders of the that state. Yes
she is a fresh face to Washington, but I am not sure if its a good
idea to give her MORE responsibility given her track record on border
security. Regarding the border fence, she famously conceded “build a
fence 32 feet and someone will get a 33 foot ladder.” Former Senator
Tom Daschle’s nomination as Secretary of Health and Human Services is
a veteran of the partisan political wars during the Clinton era. As
former Senate minority leader, Daschle is far from a fresh face in
Washington. Still, no real CHANGE.

And last but not least, in the middle of a financial crisis which has
been orchestrated by the bankers, Obama selects the President of the
New York Federal Reserve as Treasury Secretary. Timothy Geithner is
one of the primary architects of the Bush Administration’ s response to
this financial crisis. He is one of the criminals that just stole
$700 billion. Again we have NO CHANGE because the cat guarding is
still guarding the canary. Adding insult to injury former Clinton
Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers has been selected as Obama’s top
economic adviser. Summers put this economic collapse in motion by
pressing Congress to pass legislation that killed a Depression-era law
that prevented the commingling of banks and investment institutions.
Following the passage of this legislation, creative investment tools
like mortgage backed securities were born. It is an understatement to
say that these tools have significantly contributed to the recent
financial collapse.

The spin machine AKA the corporate owned mainstream news media has
branded this the “team of rivals.” However, even the most die hard
Obama supporter must be miffed with the ushering in of the “old
guard.” That being said, most of Obama’s supporters still want to
give him a chance, afterall he hasn’t even been sworn in yet. Fair
enough. But as I close, two final questions come to mind. To those
that voted for HOPE and CHANGE, will you be mature enough to admit
that you were conned if this administration proves to be fraudulent?
And if so, will we collectively allow the false left-right
dictatorship to continue by allowing the baton pass back to another
controlled Republican movement that will undoubtedly have a refreshed
cry for “CHANGE” (aka Contract with America)? Or will we all be able
to stand together to reclaim this Republic from a global elite that is
slitting the throats of the citizens of this country?

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