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Change You Can Believe In?

Posted in Truth/Freedom on November 22, 2008 by truthwillrise

I am throughly disgusted and astonished at the blind lovefest for the president-elect, Barack Obama. While I am glad that these people are excited about politics ,in their excitement they neglected the most important aspect of any election,namely the issues. People got caught up in the well worded speeches and the catchy campaign slogans, which is understandable in a sense considering the direction that the current administration has taken the country over the past eight years. This lack of attention to the issues has me particularly concerned me because I have been paying attention to what he and people in his camp and other prominent people have been saying (such as Colin Powell and Joe Biden, but more on that later), and it did and continues to alarm and concern me on many levels.
Several months ago, While we were not paying attention an important act called the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) was passed. This act was sold to the American people as using wiretapping to spy on “terrorists” but it has been turned on the American people,a clear violation of our 4th Amendment rights, and it gives complete immunity given to the telecom companies. The now President-elect Obama initially said that he was against domestic wiretapping, however he voted in favor of the legislation.
We are all familiar with the $700 billion banker bailout bill.Pres. Bush, McCain and Obama got in front of America and grandstanded and told the country how this bill had to be passed for the good of America. When this unconstitutional bill passed(after Treasury Sec. Paulson threatened congressmen with martial law if they didn’t pass the bill), the bailout money was not utilized for that which it was asked. It was being used for junkets, executive salary bonuses, and buying banks. Several members of congress (it was the subject of congressional hearings)and others spoke out against what was going on; Mr.Obama was not among these voices who spoke out in favor of the American people.
I hope President-elect Obama sticks to closing the black eye that is Guatanamo Bay. That will be one of few positive moves we would have to look forward to under the new administration. Some coming attractions of the new regime include a civilian national security squad as powerful and well funded as our military, taxes on carbon, potential war with Pakistan, and expansion of the North American Free Trade Agreement just to name a few. I encourage and suggest you look into these issues for yourself so you can see how they will affect us individually and collectively as a nation and world. Also pay attention to who our new President is surrounding himself with. In a speech in October, which the audio of is posted on this blog, Vice President elect Joe Biden said that within months of Obama taking office there will be an international,generated crisis to test the new president. He also said they will have to do things that will be unpopular with the American people. What is this generated crisis? What unpopular decisions will have to be made? Colin Powell said on an interview on “Meet the Press”, that there will be an “event” on January 21 or 22 that they do not even know about yet. You might want to ask yourself what these people are talking about!
A further look at the potential key members of an Obama administration is like reading a CFR members’ list. Many of them are formers members of the Bush and Clinton administrations. Does that sound like change, bringing in members of the old guard? It seems like more of the same to me.
You may get change but it won’t be change you want and certainly not change you can believe. Business as usual in a different way is NOT change!

Howard Zinn:” I Don’t Care” If 9/11 Was An Inside Job

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Howard Zinn: “I Don’t Care” If 9/11 Was An Inside Job


Another gatekeeper illustrates the intellectual cowardice of the establishment left

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, November 18, 2008

World renowned peace activist and left-wing anti-war icon Howard Zinn recently told an audience that he didn’t care if 9/11 was an inside job, echoing the disdainful and apathetic rhetoric of fellow liberal gatekeepers Noam Chomsky and Alexander Cockburn in dismissing the efforts of the 9/11 truth movement.

Buddy Moore, Independent Candidate for US Senate in Colorado, asked Zinn if he would join him in voicing doubts about the official 9/11 story and in particular the demolition of the twin towers and Building 7.

Zinn said he was skeptical of the official story but then stated, “I don’t know much about the situation and the truth is, I don’t care that much about it, that’s passed….that’s a diversion from what we really have to do,” adding that debating who was behind 9/11, “gets in the way of dealing with the immediate situation”.

Moore attempted to ask Zinn a follow up question about allowing the perpetrators to go free but was largely shouted down by Zinn’s fawning army of left-wing sycophants.

Watch the clip below.

Zinn’s comments echo similar sentiments expressed by fellow left-wing luminary, Noam Chomsky, who has repeatedly expressed arrogance and contempt towards the 9/11 truth movement while invoking apathy towards the contention that there was government complicity in the attacks, despite the fact that the 9/11 attacks happening exactly as the government maintains was key to launching the invasions of both Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the massive rollback in civil liberties that has occurred over the last seven years.

During a 2006 Internet forum event, Chomsky claimed that the 9/11 truth movement peddled “arcane and dubious theories” and had distracted activists from pursuing “crimes that are far more serious than blowing up the WTC,” presumably belittling the deaths of around 2,000 Americans, along with hundreds of thousands of Afghanis and Iraqis, as well as thousands of U.S. troops in the wars that followed that could not have been launched without the pretext of 9/11.

When a critic asked Chomsky why he was so dismissive of the supposition that 9/11 was a false flag event, pointing out numerous other examples throughout history including the bombing of the Maine, the Gulf of Tonkin incident and Pearl Harbor, Chomsky merely reiterated his insolence, stating, “The concept of “false flag operation” is not a very serious one, in my opinion. None of the examples you describe, or any other in history, has even a remote resemblance to the alleged 9/11 conspiracy. I’d suggest that you look at each of them carefully.”


Chomsky actually dismissed U.S. government complicity in 9/11 a mere four months after the event, and over a year before it was again invoked as a reason to invade Iraq, when he told an audience at a FAIR event at New York’s Town Hall, 22 January 2002, “That’s an internet theory and it’s hopelessly implausible. Hopelessly implausible. So hopelessly implausible I don’t see any point in talking about it,” in response to a question about U.S. government foreknowledge.

Note that Professor Chomsky also vehemently maintains that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman in the JFK assassination, even despite polls showing that around 80 per cent of the American public believe otherwise.

Chomsky was presented with convincing evidence for a wider plot by JFK assassination experts as far back as 1969 and according to Selwyn Bromberger, an MIT philosophy professor who had sit in on the discussion, Chomsky indicated that he believed there was a conspiracy, but has failed to voice his conclusion for nearly 40 years.

It’s painfully clear that the likes of Zinn and Chomsky are intellectual cowards who, despite being abundantly aware of the fact that both 9/11 and the JFK assassination represent far wider conspiracies than the official version of events dictates, they are afraid of using their prominent soapboxes to bring either subject to wider attention for fear of whatever reprisals might ensue. As Vincent Salandria enunciates, this makes them worse than disinformation agents.

“I agree that Professor Chomsky is not a CIA agent,” states Salandria, “But with respect to his pronouncements on the JFK assassination he is worse than a CIA agent. Without being an agent, with his enormous prestige as a thinker, as an independent radical, as a courageous man, he does the work of the agency.”

Indeed, at the time of the release of Oliver Stone’s JFK movie, Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky and another liberal luminary, Alexander Cockburn, went on a seemingly orchestrated media campaign in an attempt to convince the public that the JFK assassination was not a wider conspiracy and also that it didn’t matter even if it was.

“When cornered themselves, Chomsky and Cockburn resort to rhetorical devices like exaggeration, sarcasm, and ridicule. In other words, they resort to propaganda and evasion,” notes one blogger.

The same rhetoric was utilized when questions about 9/11 reached a crescendo. Cockburn, Zinn and Chomsky not only dismiss clear evidence that the official story is demonstrably false, but in addition attempt to generate apathy around the whole issue, classic gatekeeper behavior in preventing the left from becoming active in pursuing the truth about 9/11.