Do Something Once and Get Paid Forever!

Do you listen to the radio, watch reruns of television shows,or look at the credits on shows and movies? Most of us do every day and we do not realize they have something in common. Someone gets paid every time that song play, that show airs or that name flashes by on the closing credits. How is that possible? These people have tapped into a force that one of the keys to wealth, residual, passive income.
Put simply, residual income is continually getting paid for something you did one time. This is how wealthy people build their wealth. That is leverage. Why do something once and only get paid once when you can do something and get paid for it continually? Most people never experience residual income; the majority of us work jobs where we do something and only get paid that one time.
So the question is how is residual income created? Some ways include writing a song or building a business. You are setting up an asset that will pay you whether you are there working them or not. The accumulation of assets is how wealth is obtained. Rich people understand this; they think differently than most people do. Wealthy people do not have 401(k)s . The assets they accumulate return better than any retirement plan out there. This is imperative to understand when you realize that there are proposals for government takeovers of retirement funds. It is there for you reading this right now. At my young age, I, and many others are building a business that has changed not only our lives but with the passive,residual incomes we are growing, we are bettering the lives of generations to come. That same opportunity is available to those who want it and I would like to extend the invitation to you! Your journey begins by logging onto and We want to help change your life and that of your family as well but we are just showing the door; it us up to you to walk through it.

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