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End the Fed : A rally near you on 11/22/2008

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Since it’s diabolical inception in 1913, the Federal Reseve System has been a cancer that has eroded away everything that is good in our republic. It has devalued our currency,lowered our standard of living , sadled our nation and people with perpetual debt , just to name a few harms this evil system has caused us.
More and more people have began to speak out against this evil entity. The wonderful people at have organized “End The Fed” rallies in 39 cities across the nation. Log on to the website and click on the link that says,” join your END THE FED group”. The groups across the nation will come up and you can join the one in your area. We need to get the word out to as many people as we can so we can send a strong message to banksters that their grip on this nation and the world is loosening! No longer will the governments and the people of this planet be under the thumb of a self proclaimed elite. Patriots are coming together and through our efforts we will bring true freedom to the world! We have the power not these bankster globalist criminals! It is time for the Fed to go the way of the dinosaurs. Death to the Federal Reserve and death to the New World Order!!

America: Destroyed By Design

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Another wonderful documentary by Alex Jones which brings to light how the UN is working against the interest of this nation and its people.