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To President Elect Obama and his Supporters

Posted in Truth/Freedom on November 12, 2008 by truthwillrise

I had a few conversations with a few of my friends that really disturbed me. We were discussing politics and I asked one why did they vote for Obama and I asked the other what is he going to do policy wise to better this nation. My friend that I posed the first question to told me that they felt Obama would be the best for getting the country out of the mess it was in. When I asked what policies or plans were they basing this belief on, they told me they did not know and they did not have time to look at the issues. I was absolutely floored by what I heard; I cannot fathom how you can participate in an election with a vote based solely on the flimsy belief on what you think a candidate can do. That is voting solely on emotion and you cannot do that. Voting should be based on the issues and who you feel,based on solutions to problems, is the best person for the position. You have to know why you are supporting that person and it needs to be more than mere emotional response. My friend was unable to provide me with one concrete reason for voting for Senator Obama.
I was talking with other friend that I had the second conversation with and I asked him what policies was Obama going to implement in order to help the nation. After accusing me of condeming the man, he proceeded to answer my question by, in fact, not answering what I thought was a simple question. He talked about the current President Bush for a while but never gave me an answer at all. It seems to me that this has been the case with many of the Obama supporters I have talked with. The parrot the “change ” rhetoric of the campaign or they say he is “the lesser of two evils”, neither are credible reasons for voting for someone. I do not hear anything specific in terms of policy and that disturbs me greatly. The guy ran his campaign on no issues and it seemed people were ok with that. These people looked at you like you had a second head if you were not on the Obama bandwagon. I have this crazy belief that running for office should actually be about the issues. This was obviously was a fact that was lost on this campaign and it’s supporters.
It absolutely infuriates me that you can run for President of the United States on the political equivalent of smoke and mirrors. People actually think that all their problems are just going to go away because Obama will be in office. I want to know what these people are smoking. Perhaps it is the domestic wiretapping he voted for with the FISA legislation, or maybe it was his grandstanding in his pushing for the banker takeover bailout bill. It may be his want for the expansion of NAFTA and the United Nations (two things we do NOT need to be a part of), or his quest to bomb Pakistan. Maybe these people do not have a problem with their President being in a treasonous organization like the Council on Foreign Relations, a group whose goal is the destruction of the sovereignty of the United States. I have talked to many of his supporters who were clueless what FISA is nevermind the fact he voted for it after saying he would not. All of these things I have brought up can be found if a person takes a look. Had the sbeeple who voted for him bothered to pay attention to the actual issues, they may have made a different decision. Let me clear up that I am not a supporter of John McCain(both of them are controlled by the same financial and global interests that run this country), I voted for an independent candidate. I am not here to discuss my political affiliations, I am an American who looks around at the political climate and is throughly disgusted with what he sees. I see the international bankers,through manipulation of money and governments, orchestrating their long planned move toward global government. I see a puppet President who wants to have a domestic national security brigade as powerful and well funded as our army. I see martial law declared in the U.S. with an army brigade now stationed in this nation. I see FEMA camps being built for us to be put in. All this happening while the sheeple still out there saying “yes we can”. It makes me sick to my stomach. Let me tell you this Mr. Prseident, I see what you are doing, even if your entranced supporters do not. I know all about who you really front for and what you really have planned for us and let me tell you that you shall not succeed. Good people are awakening and we will rise up and defeat you!