The Election is only the beginning

Well the 2008 Presidential “election” has concluded. My email and text inboxes are flooded with Obama victory messages. My phone has rang with phone calls from Obama supporters. I congratulate their candidate on his “victory”. We have been told how “historic” and “important” this election is ,but I think all elections are important and historic, be it from the dog catcher to the highest office in the land. There are a lot of people of my pigmentation who are very excited and feel a great since of pride; I am not one of them. I never got caught up in the minutia of this election, choosing to focus on the issues( something largely ignored by the major candidates). That was something I wished more of the American people had bothered to do that.
     So now that we have our “lesser of two evils”, it is time for the rubber to meet the road. The “election” was only the beginning; the real work has only began.  It’s up to us as a nation to do it; we cannot wait for this puppet president or our corrupted government to do it for us. What is this great work we have ahead of us?
Our nation,and quite frankly the entire world,is in a state of peril like never before. Our civil liberties are being eroded on a daily basis as our government becomes more and more tyrannical. Spying,domestic wiretapping, civilian labor camps and other fun programs have turned our republic into a police state. Our government now does whatever it wants, despite what the people want or the Constitution allows.The international banking cartel that owns the Federal Reserve owns our politicians and our government is devaluing our currency through inflation, an unconstitutional income tax, and imposed a system of perpetual debt on this republic and its people. The banking cartels along with these criminal elements in our and other governments are on a maniacal march toward a one world government. You can choose not to believe it or ignore these facts; that does not make them any less true. These are the issues affecting us and you do not hear this on mainstream news and most certainly not from our puppet president and our other bought and paid for politicians.
     It’s sad to say,but there are some people who think their problems are suddenly going to disappear because of the outcome. For those who think that, I have some property on Mars I want to sell you. The power rests with the people, not the government. Somewhere along the line we have forgotten that and the illusion that government has the power has been perpetuated by mainstream media. I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who said, “when the government fears the people, there is liberty and when people fear the government,there is tyranny”. The government derives it power from the people, not the other way around. Since we are the source of the power, then it is with the people where any change must originate. Repairing the problems of our Republic does not start in Washington, it begins with you, in your homes, your communities, your churches, schools and business. You are powerful; do not be fooled into thinking you are insignificant. I often tell people that a flood begins with a single drop of water. This is a call to everyone who sees these words, no matter where you are, to be that drop. Get involved in your local politics, form groups, build websites, put information on public access and pass out information, just to name a few things we can all do. They are things that must happen if our nation is to return to a free and sovereign state.


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