Live Up To and Exceed Your Potential!

Humans are amazing creatures. At our best, we are capable of amazing 
achievements whose benefits can be seen and felt for generations; at 
our worst, we are authors of autrocities that scar mankind to this 
day. It is my honest belief that we have barely scratched the surface 
of our true potential. I think that all of us have greatness and 
untapped potential resident inside of us; you can see it in kids. 
Think back to when you were a child; you had all these great things 
you wanted to do. However, as we proceed down the path of life, many 
people allow their spark to be snuffed out because life has roughed 
them up a bit. It is one of the greatest tragedies in this life; its 
multiplied when a person does not even realize it has happened. I know 
because i was on that path and I was not sure how to get off. In my 
case , I was blessed enough to encounter people who showed me how to 
get on the path to greatness. I can never thank them enough for doing 
that. It literally transformed my life and I, in turn,have been able 
to do the same for many other people. By reading this, I can do for 
you what was bestowed upon me. There are too many gifted people who 
have allowed their spark to be put out.  I offer this torch to 
reignite your life:


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