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Biden Prediction of Coming Generated International Crisis!

Posted in Truth/Freedom on November 2, 2008 by truthwillrise

Democratic Vice Presidential nominee, Sen. Joe Biden predicts and guarantees an international, generated crisis in the first few months of a potential Barack Obama presidency. Lets look at the meaning of the word, “generated”

According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary :

1: to bring into existence: as a: procreate , beget b: to originate by a vital, chemical, or physical process : produce <generate electricity>

2: to be the cause of (a situation, action, or state of mind) <these stories…generate a good deal of psychological suspense — Atlantic>

I have emboldened the most important part of the definition. Can we say staged events? Can we say false flag operations? I don’t know what they have in store , but we are in a lot of trouble whether Obama or McCain get in office. I think we need to take a look at some of the other candidates and make our voices heard by voting for one of those candidates. But here is the video; straight from the horse’s mouth.