Know All Your Options Before You Waste Your Vote!

     I love my country, the United States of America. Despite the cadre  of criminals that are running it into the ground- we are still, I feel, the best nation in the world. Our greatest assest, the freedoms we enjoy (for now) is what makes us great and the fact that we have the freedom of choice(for now) is one of many reasons people  travel from all over the globe to seek the plethora of opportunities  that reside here. We can choose where we eat, where we live, go to school, and many other aspects of our lives(for now). This free choice goes on all the time without a second thought from anyone except seemingly when  it comes to politics, particularly at this current time as it is a  Presidential election year. But this is the time where that choice  is more important than ever. I’m not here to tell you who to vote  for; I’m here to dispel some fallacies by educating people which  will allow them to make better informed decisions.  The first fallacy is there are only two candidates in the race.  Nothing could be further from the truth. There are actually over ten  candidates seeking the Presidential office but we are not really   told about them and I would think knowing that might be an issue of  importance to the American people. How can you make an informed   decision if you do not know all your options and that is what is  being asked of us in this election. I would advise everyone to find  out who is in the race and study their platforms. I am going to discuss the common misconceptions that a third party  or an independent candidate cannot win and that voting for them is wasting a vote. Both of these premises are utterly ridiculous and based on a lack of knowledge and brainwashing by the corporately controlled mainstream media. I have seen articles and news programs where these candidates are portrayed as “also rans” or sideshow attractions and never taken seriously as viable selections, particularly for President. By doing that, the candidates are done as disservice and ultimately the people of this great nation are done a major injustice. The true wasted vote is one cast for someone whose platform you do not support. You should not vote for someone just because that is what everyone is telling you to. Vote for the candidate whom you feel has the best solutions for the problems at hand.( You would think we would not have to tell people this in 2008?!). The independent candidiate can win, especially these days as more and more people are becoming tired of what the two major political parties have done two this country. More and more I speak with are now identifying themselves as independent voters. As the numbers grow it is not if but when a third party candidate will not only be a major contender for a high political office, but win one.


These candidates have an uphill battle just to get on the ballot as the two major parties are not fans of competetion and they really do what they can to try to keep independents off the ballot. It seems now as the Presidential election is becoming more about how much money you can raise and spend as this has spilled into the billions of dollars, many times because of corporate funds that flow to these candidates, unfortunately, it is nearly impossible for a third party to raise the funds to keep up, and that is just the way the establishment wants it.

This is call for change. People are getting tired of the way things are. Einstien said insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result and that is exactly what we have been doing by constanly putting these Democrats and Republicans in office who have done very little in the best interest of the people of this great nation. I am not telling you who you should vote for, but I am telling you that before you go in to cast that vote, make sure you know about all the candidates in the race and at least have a basic understanding of what they stand for, but above that, know the issues for yourself. Do not just rely on being spoon fed by what you see on the televsion; find these things out for yourself and that may lead you to a candidate , rather than picking a candidate and then listening to his or her issues. There are some very bright and qualified people out there who are seeking office from Presdient of the United States to a seat on the PTA and everything in between. We owe it to ourselves and our communities and nation to hear what these people have to say, because a lot of it makes sense. Remember, vote based on the ISSUES, not what mascot the person has on their lapel!


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