Banker Bailout Bill Contains IRS Police State Provision


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Banker Bailout Bill Contains IRS Police State Provision

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Not only is the recently passed Banker Takeover bill larded up with pork, it also contains dictatorial provisions. In addition to making former Goldman Sachs chairman and current Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson an economic czar — a provision completely at odds with the Constitution — the bill grants police state powers to the IRS. Declan McCullagh writes for CNet:

The bailout bill also gives the Internal Revenue Service new authority to conduct undercover operations. It would immunize the IRS from a passel of federal laws, including permitting IRS agents to run businesses for an extended sting operation, to open their own personal bank accounts with U.S. tax dollars, and so on.

McCullagh notes this is nothing new. Beginning in 1988, under the so-called Anti-Drug Abuse Act, the IRS began functioning as a secret police force, but this authority was temporary and intermittent. In April of this year, senators Max Baucus (D) and Chuck Grassley (R) began an effort to make this authority permanent. “Undercover operations are an integral part of IRS efforts to detect and prove noncompliance. The temporary status of this provision creates uncertainty, as the IRS plans its undercover efforts from year to year,” the senators claimed. Earlier this week, the provision was buried in the Banker Takeover bill and is now law.

“There’s another section of the bailout bill worth noting,” McCullagh continues. “It lets the IRS give information from individual tax returns to any federal law enforcement agency investigating suspected ‘terrorist’ activity, which can, in turn, share it with local and state police. Intelligence agencies such as the CIA and the National Security Agency can also receive that information.”

The NSA, FBI, CIA, and military intelligence are less interested in “terrorists” than they are in domestic opposition to the government. In fact, the CIA is in the business of creating terrorists and the FBI habitually has its agents and operatives pretend to be terrorists (associated with the terrorist groups created by the CIA) to ensnare non-terrorists. The IRS worked with the FBI in the 1960s to go after antiwar and civil rights activists. In 2005, it “warned one of Southern California’s largest and most liberal churches that it is at risk of losing its tax-exempt status because of an antiwar sermon two days before the 2004 presidential election,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

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In the weeks and months ahead, there will be no shortage of Americans who will organize and protest against the banker takeover, especially as negative economic aspects begin to eat them alive. As planned, the banker bailout will kick the devaluation of the dollar into hyperdrive as another few trillion dollars pile up on the already stupendous and destructive national debt. China, Saudi Arabia, and other countries currently holding huge quantities of U.S. dollars and U.S. dollar-denominated debt are now beginning the shift away from the dollar into other currencies. Russia is calling for an end to the dollar as the foundation of the global economy.

The result, as Dave Lindorff so aptly put it, will be that America will become “a smoking ruin, with Americans, like Weimar Germans before them, going shopping with wheelbarrows full of worthless green paper to exchange for a few days’ groceries.” In the meantime, however, millions of Americans will discover what the banksters are up to and will attempt to organize for change.

The banksters and their minions understand this full well and that is why they are installing their control grid at a record pace, systematically passing draconian legislation such as the Patriot Act, PDD51, the Military Commissions Act, and soon enough the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act. It is no mistake a combat brigade, fresh from the killing field of Iraq, are now working with Northcom, once upon a time forbidden under the now moribund Posse Comitatus Act.

The IRS insertion in the bankster bill Bush signed into law is but yet another example. Additionally, in the months and years ahead, you will be required to fork over significantly higher taxes to pay not only for the putative bailout but also a passel of other globalist schemes, all designed to strip you of your wealth and turn you into another peon working on the globalist slave plantation now under construction.


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  2. The very modest clean energy provisions in the bill do not outweigh the outrageous taxpayer subsidies for the fossil fuel and nuclear industry. Business Starter

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