An Informed Vote is the Right Vote!

I am astonished at the political climate of this nation ,not only by  the “voters” but also by the so called “experts” and the media who cover it. It’s actually quite sad. It has been sold to most people 
there are only two candidates running for the Presidency of the United  States of America , when in reality there are over ten people running for President of the United States.This may come as news to some of you because you are not told  this on the news. Which is why I encourage people to venture to  additional sources of news information  because you will get  perspectives and stories you would not otherwise hear about. It is  vital for the American peope to really do their due dillegence  about 
elections, not just the Presidential elections. How can we call  ourselves informed voters when most of us are not even aware of how many people are running for President of the country?!

I’m not here to tell you who to vote for but I am asking you ,America,  to look at all candidates and their platforms, so you can make the  most informed decision possible. Too often now people become  entrenched along party lines and are blinded to any other point of  view. Blaming the other political party or parties for anything that  goes wrong and wanting the credit for those things that go right. No  party is 100% responsible for those things that go right, or  conversely 100% to blame for things that go wrong. The time has come  to stop being good Democrats and Republicans and start being good  Americans! We need to be more concerned with candidates’ stances on 
the issues rather than what mascot is on their lapel. If we can get  past that, we would likely have better people in office across the  board.
     Another problem is all candidates are not represented to the people  equally. In a truly free society all the candidates would get equal  time in front of the people. At the very least comparble time. It seems that we are now to the point that unless you have outrageous sums of money at your disposal, you cannot compete muchless win.  We are  fed that there are only two viable candidates and the others are “also  rans”, forced to the far periphery and never really presented to the  American people. Political candidates who are Democrat or Republican  are portrayed as oddities; not taken seriously by mainstream media and 
that point of view has seemingly been diffused to the public. It is up  to us a people to proactively seek out quality information and not  rely on being spoon fed by the corporate media. You may be pleasantly  suprised at what you find. Who a person votes for is not the point to 
me; I want people to select their candidates for the right reasons.  Too often people select a candidate based on superficial criteria such  as political party, sex, and race. People say that voting for an 
independent candidate is a waste of a vote (which is absolutely  wrong), but the real waste of a vote is casting it for the wrong  reasons. It is vital,whatever level the election it is, we first are 
clear on the issues and then familiarize ourselves with the candidates and their platforms and then based on that information, decide who to trust your vote to. Understand that it is not about the political party, it is about who has the best plan for addressing the issues for that particluar election and beyond and if we would just look at it from that perspective, then we can make some really great things happen for our communties as well as the nation.


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