Turn Off the TV and Turn On the Knowledge!

     As I sit here flipping the channels on the idiot box, many troubling
thoughts run through my head as I observe the largely stupefying
images on most of the 100 or so stations. Television and other mass
media are larger and more influential than ever before. Looking at
what we are exposed to, that is a huge problem. It seems to me that
people now take what they see on the television as real. What they
fail to realize is that most of what is presented to us by television
and the mass media is little more than trivial, stupefying fluff
designed to keep you entertained and distracted from what is really 
happening and what is really important in the world. It seems that we 
care more about the things that are on the idiot box that are not real 
than we do about the very real things happening around us every day. We 
read books less and less now and people plan their days and their 
lives around events, TV shows, sporting events and other things not 
realizing they are playing into the hands of a very intelligently 
designed system that is designed to keep you from truth and we do not 
even know it is happening to us. Let me first say that this is not me 
piling on entertainment and that industry. I love to have fun and be 
entertained, but I also recognize that those things have their place 
and they should not have the high premium we put on them, especially 
in times as perilous as these. I know there are those who will say 
that those things are there for escapism and to help people forget about
their problems for a few hours but I contend if we can wake up and 
eliminate these problems, then it will not be necessary to escape 
from them.
     The problems are really not many but they are substantial and only an 
informed public is equipped to deal with them. I invite us to turn off 
the game or the soap operas and ask ourselves some real questions. For 
instance, why does it seem like the government plows ahead with its 
agenda despite the wishes of the people? The vast majority of people 
are against the “war” in Iraq, however we continue to spend billions 
of dollars every month as well as lose all too many of our soldiers 
there. Most Americans were against the banker bailout bill and showed 
it by contacting their congressional officials on a massive scale by 
calling, writing, and sending e-mails of protest. The congress showed 
their concern for the people by voting in favor of the banker 
bailout (though several report being threatened with martial law if 
they did not pass the bill). Americans want our borders secure and our 
immigration laws enforced; that is not happening as there are actually 
plans to merge the United States, Canada, and Mexico into one 
super state, the North American Union. That would end the sovereignty 
of those nations as they would cease to exist. All of these events, 
and many more, happened without the consent and knowledge of the 
people. They happened while we had all the insignificant issues of 
celebrity dating lives and paternity test talk shows shoved down our 

    We do not hear about these things on television because we do not 
hear what we are not supposed to know. We really need to examine what 
we are taking in to our mental spaces and understand why we are 
inundated with the matters we see everyday. There is a method to the 
madness, and that is to keep us in the dark. I charge everyone who 
reads these words to go forth and seek the truth, no matter where it 
leads, for the truth will set you free because in these times, knowing 
the truth has never been more important. The time to take back our 
lives is right now!!




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