Criminal Identity Theft- Heard of it?

Imagine if you are at home one evening preparing dinner for your family. There is a knock at your door. The police is at your door. They ask you who you are and after you tell them, they proceed to place you under arrest, in front of your small children, for multiple criminal acts and not showing up for court. You plead with the officers that there is a mistake and that this is not you. The officers do not want hear it and despite your appeals of innocence, you are taken to jail. Eventually it is ascertained that law enforcement really has the wrong person custody but not before you have languished in jail for ten agonizing days. Thinking your ordeal is finally at an end, you try to return to your job of over ten years. When you arrive , as you have always done, you are informed that though they do not believe you have done any wrong, because of the false criminal record you now have, you must be terminated. You have to work because you have children to feed but the only thing you can find is menial,low paying jobs so you now find yourself tiling bathrooms. This may sound like a plot from a movie, but this is a true story about something most people are in the dark about, criminal identity theft.

Among the five types of identity theft, which are driver’s license, social security, medical,financial, and criminal, the area of criminal identity theft is the most reported. Simply put, criminal identity theft occurs when someone uses the name or information of another person to commit crimes. Criminal idenitity theft is a particularly pernicious form of an already insidious crime because if your money or property is stolen , as financial identify theft or robbery, it would naturally upset you but you can make more money or replace or acquire more property. However it is far more difficult to repair your good name if someone has committed crimes and done other nefarious things in your name. I know this to be true from people who have been victims of this awful crime. There is a man that I know who has never been arrested or been in trouble with the law ; in short , he is an upstanding member of society, however he had law enforcement show up at his home to arrest him because he failed to register as a sex offender. Just this past week, Jerry Santiago sat in jail for 22 days because of this growing crime.

I will briefly share his ordeal with you. Mr. Santiago was a previous victim of identity victim was pulled over for a routine traffic stop and was subsequently arrested because his name, birthday and social security number matched that of a man who was wanted for jumping bail in New York City as reported by the New York Times. Even though he did not match the description of the gentleman who jumped bail, and he provided the law enforcement personnel evidence that he was an identity theft victim while in Puerto Rico in 2006 he was still taken into custody. Prosecutors told a NY judge that they positively identified Mr. Santiago as the missing man through fingerprints. A judge ordered his release after it was found out his fingerprints did not match that of the bail jumper. If being arrested and spending 22 days behind bars for something you did not do is not bad enough you then have to travel back to New York from your home in Mass. ,at your own expense, to attend a hearing to dismiss the charges against you as Mr. Santiago had to do.

I do not tell you these stories to scare you but to inform you of something that is happening on a daily basis that most people are not aware of. I used those examples to loss this one question, “What would you do if that were you in those situations?” Most people ,if they are honest with themselves, have no clue what they would do in that situation. It is undoubtedly a scary situation. People do not have the answers for that. Well there is a company that has the answers for people in that situation and many many more. Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc., is a company that really has the solutions for people dealing with Identity Theft before during and after an occurence. Through their partnership with Kroll, Inc., the number one risk management company in the world, they have formed a service that is unparalleled in the industry. Members of the company’s Identity Theft Shield are provided with a credit report and continuous credit monitoring which is nothing new but where their service separates themselves from every other service on the market is their restoration services. Members of the services are provided with a professional, licensed investigators who go out and perform those services for the victimized member. These services are made available through memberships as low as $12.95/month.

To sign up for these and other incredible services this company offers please go to


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